A Long-Term Plan for Storing Childhood Art

My next post at New York Institute of Photography walks you through the process I’ve developed for dealing with the mountains of artwork that T1 brings home from preschool. I love it all, but was starting to feel like it was taking over our house!

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4 thoughts on “A Long-Term Plan for Storing Childhood Art

  1. Scrapbooks work well and grown children are elated to browse what mom and dad saved during their childhoods. Of course you can’t save it all. The coolest part is telling your adult children to go through the mementos, trophies and childhood treasures and take what they want to their established homes before the landfill day. You will be surprized how little they retain but how much fun they have going through their treasures. My youngest daughter, spent a weekend here, sans her husband and children, reading all her saved love notes, report cards, college acceptance letters and reminiscing.

  2. I’ve been taking photos of my kids artwork before tossing it for years. I include it in their photo books each year. My daughter is graduating high school this year and she has many books from her younger days. It’s a great way to remember and not have boxes of artwork stored away. THis way we get to look at them often.

  3. This past fall I was going through papers from my childhood at my mum’s… she kept so much from my childhood! I like the idea of taking photos to preserve those memories… There’s one HUGE painting I did of Elephants when I was in grade 1, mum still has it. I am going to have it framed because I still love that painting…I won an art scholarship for a week at a summer art school. I’m glad I have this memory!

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