One Quick Take


Ilford 3200, Canon EOS3, theFINDlab, freelensed.

I’ve been experimenting with freelensing on film lately. 95% of my shots taken using this method go straight into the trash, but then there are another 4% that are cool and interesting and close enough that I want to see what else I can do. And then there are the winners, of which there was one on this roll, but it was from second shooting a wedding and I’m not allowed to share my images until at least six weeks after the event. So you get this topsy-turvy shot of T2 instead as I muse about this hobby of mine.

Also topsy-turvy is our house and our life. I like change, but I also like organization/order, so now that the house is halfway unpacked I’m feeling pretty good overall. Next we’ll be in Europe and I’ll be feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. Then a month devoted to coding because I’ll either be accepted to Hackbright, or prepping myself for a third attempt at getting in. Past that I don’t know much about what life is going to look like. We’ll live in this great rental house with a giant oak tree shading the front yard, T1 will start kindergarten, and we’ll keep on really liking each other. I’m a bit anxious to know more things about what the future holds, but otherwise I’m feeling grateful and happy.

(Film from my birthday party comes back on Friday! That’s another thing I’m feeling happy about. Really, really, REALLY happy.)

2 thoughts on “One Quick Take

  1. The pic is adorable!!!! I am amazed by what you can create with a camera.

    If Hackbright doesn’t work out, what are your plans? I think instead of coding you should go into event planning. Your beach party was amazing!

  2. Agreed on event planning. You are already an amazing event planner!

    Are you an ENFJ ? I get a distinct ENFJ vibe from you and they tend to be famous event planners. I’m an ENFP, a little too P to plan things out professionally for a living!

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