Buon Viaggio with Minted

When I started researching coding bootcamps I saw the same warning popping up over and over – “Clear your plate entirely. Email all of your friends and family and let them know you won’t be returning phone calls, emails, or text messages. Set up an auto-responder for your email accounts. Set the expectation with everyone that during this period you are doing one thing, and one thing only – coding.” It’s going to be nine weeks of coding and kids and not much else.

Part of our plan for making parenting and family life better in the years to come is establishing stronger connections with friends in the area. That portion of our plan-of-attack is going to have to wait until 2016 to be carried out, but I thought we could set a nice foundation by throwing a Bon Voyage party before school starts. Bon Voyage Summer of Growth! Bon Voyage TW and TH! Soon our life will be all about work and kids and squeezing in enough time to get a decent amount of sleep each week.

Enter Minted, with their perfectly timed pitch to partner up with That Wife Blog and explore some of the options for party decor for this end-of-summer party. I’ll use some credit they provide me in exchange for this post to hang Minted party decor for our Bon Voyage party, and then fingers crossed they’ll be interested in working with me again in January for the Graduation Celebration soiree I’m hosting to re-introduce our friends to the idea of hanging out with us again.

Expo 2015 in Milan had an entire section devoted to cacao beans and chocolate, and I stocked up on a variety of unique chocolate bars while I was there. Carrot chocolate, pineapple chocolate, hemp chocolate, fennel chocolate, and some beautifully-packaged bars with flavor combinations unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’m going to chop those bars up into little pieces and host a chocolate tasting that allows everyone in attendance to have a small taste and vote for their favorite. We’ll continue the Italian influences with a spread similar to what my sister and I had during antipasto hour at a bar on our first day in Italy. Actually, now that I’ve added in all of these Italian details I think we’ll make it an Italian party (the house we’re living in now was built by the elderly Italian owner!) and call it the Buon Viaggio Party. Buon Viaggio old life! Hello new That Wife!

We don’t have all of our decor up on the walls yet, but the house is unpacked enough to host and certainly some bunting and signage will help bridge the gap until we get our hammer and nails together for the long-term look.

On the front porch we’ll have an ice cream and lemonade station where kids can stop and fuel up as they run around the front yard.

I only have a black-and-white printer, but that’s all I need to make these black-and-white ice cream cone wrappers from the Julep blog.

source: julep blog

The  living room will be the point of congregation, with music playing and a scattering of seating. We endured a long and drawn-out renovation process while the landlord tore out the carpet and replaced it with hard flooring, but that extra time with unpacked boxes feels worth it when I think about how I can host without worrying about preserving the state of the carpet in our rental!

The orange and blue in the Nautical Circle Garland will complement my Florence canvas very nicely, don’t you think? Ohh, and I’m wondering if it would look good if we layer some gold glittery triangle bunting along with that?

source: minted

I think we’re going to keep the small white table in the dining room for our daily dining needs, but we’ll need an 8-foot folding table if we’re going to have enough space for the spread.

We can bring in the nautical elements again with Nautical Wine Glass Tags on the drinks glasses. Once the folding table has a thrifted tablecloth on top I think guests won’t even know they’re tasting their chocolate off of a cheap portable table. I think I could do something a bit unorthodox and use wedding place cards to label the chocolate bits! Each place card can be personalized and making them work for my chocolate bar would be as simple as coming up with 1-4 words to describe the type of bar, and insert “chocolate” in place of the table name. Similar to what you see below.

mint-carrot-chocolatesource: minted

I really do have carrot chocolate waiting to be tasted. Sound good to you? Maybe you’d be more interested in the Peach Vodka one. Yum.

We have a giant oak tree in the front yard and as part of the party prep we’re going to put in a swing as a surprise for the kids. Time for me to get my guest list made and our supplies ordered if we want to fit this in before school starts!


4 thoughts on “Buon Viaggio with Minted

  1. Cant wait to see all the photos of your party, and how it all comes together 🙂
    I had a look at the minted website, if only I had known about it when I was doing my daughters first birthday – they have some really cute things…

  2. So have you decided to skip the coding course for now? Maybe I’m a bit confused from your last few posts! Have I missed something?
    You were so excited about signing up for the coding bootcamp even though it was so many hours per week, and then the kids came back and now you are planning all these other things as well! I did the same thing once – enrolled for a course and when I got the warning that I should say goodbye to my friends for a while and set an automated response on email, I decided to stay in the Land of the Living and have fun with my kids and my friends! So I can understand when there are so many other fulfilling things to do like photography workshops and languages to learn, you might prefer to take a more leisurely approach to coding. Sometimes taking a slower route is more effective anyway.
    Good luck whatever you decide!

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