One Quick Take

Portra 800, Pentax 645

It was a happy happy scan day yesterday, the kind that helps me see how far I’ve come as a photographer. This shot is T1 with his best friend at their preschool graduation from ABC Magic Moments in Fremont, California.

Want to really see how much my skills grew in a year? Here’s the shot I did with T1 and his friends the year before at their graduation ceremony.

lastdayofprekI am definitely not one of those who picked up a film camera and made magic with her first roll. This was five months into the process for me and I still had so much to figure out! Even now, at around eighteen months in, I’m learning an incredible amount each time I push myself and try something new. That’s why I love photography, and I think that’s why I’ll love coding too.

And now, back to filling out my Dev Bootcamp intake forms. Woohoo!