R.I.P. That Wife

Today is my 31st birthday! My gift to myself? Saying goodbye, once and for all, to the online presence I’ve been dragging around for the past few years.

From now on, it’s all about Living Absolutely.



That Wife has been dead for a long time, a skin I shed sometime around my Awakening and departure from Mormonism. For a long time getting married, becoming a wife, was the greatest dream I could dream for myself.

I’ve always been so much more than That Wife. I know that now, and I wanted a space to share what that means to me.

I’m overhauling that side of my internet presence completely. I deeply, deeply wanted every single handle to be exactly the same, but some were taken and some had length restrictions.

Blog: www.livingabsolutely.com
Instagram: @livingabsolutely
Snapchat: @liveabsolutely
Twitter: @livingabsolute
Periscope: @livingabsolute

Cheers to new beginnings!