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Remember the August challenge (and actually the challenges in general?)? Before my life blew up with baby and photography? Well MCH has contacted me twice now, wondering if I’m finally going to hold up my end of the bargain and post the entires so you can vote on who wins the AWESOME prize MCH has offered to send to the winner. Challenges may come back in the future, but I need life to slow down a bit before I can handle them again.

I won’t be entering myself into the contest (because MCH was sweet enough to mail me a gift I’ll blog about soon!) but I did want to share my celebration photo. You’ve already seen it, but it was the biggest moment of celebration I’ve had for a long while. :)

Crafty Smurfette


Diar. A




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Vote by 11:59 pm on Tuesday night and I’ll announce the winner at the end of the week. I’ll reveal the prize when I reveal the winner!

Celebration Entries

Hey hey hey, remember the August challenge? Crafty Smurfette reminded me that I haven’t been very diligent about holding up my end of the bargain. If you have a “Celebration” picture, email it over to thatwife {at} gmail {dot} com.  No description necessary, just a picture, and a link to a picture works best if possible!

I won’t be sending out a reminder email because I’m rather busy, just send it in if you have it. You’ll want the love Dutch prize, I guarantee it! Get your email in to me by Tuesday, August 25th.

August Photography Challenge: CELEBRATION

Because MCH offered up such lovely prizes I decided to let her choose what the theme for the challenge would be this month. I love what she came up with!

The Photography Challenge for August could be……… CELEBRATION. It’s my birthday this month and I never celebrate it. Not good! So that is why I came up with this. How about we all celebrate something this month and take a photo of it. Wether it’s a birthday, vacation, friendship, life. Everything will do.

Brilliant idea MCH!

I found this via Flickr when I searched for “celebration”. Isn’t it fun? I’m going to try to enter something vibrant like this.

via lady in pink on Flickr

But as MCH said, “everything will do”.  Capture people, pets, places, or items and send your photo in.

Criteria for this months challenge:

1. Send in a picture that to you represents the word “CELEBRATION”

The deadline for this months challenge is going to be much earlier than usual, the 20th of August. This will give me time to get the blog post with the results up, and a few days for MCH to look things over before she announces the winner.

Sign up below to enter. I’ll send out two email reminders before the 20th to remind you to get your photos in, and the post will go live a few days later.

Have fun celebrating!

July Photo Challenge: Fireworks Winner!

MCH has chosen a winner!

I fell in LOVE with Dawn’s photo. The colors are awesome and I love how she choose the composition of the fireworks in the corner. Comes out great and makes the fire works come out strong. So the winner she is!

What did she win? Only the cutest little Dutch knick-knacks ever that I am INCREDIBLY jealous of.


Having a prize for the challenges was fun. Dawn, email me your address so MCH can send you your sweet little prize. What a sweet addition those little clogs will make to your Christmas tree!

July Photo Challenge Entries: Fireworks

It’s a contest this month (in case you have forgotten), since MCH oh-so-generously offered to send a prize out to the one who took her favorite photo.  I’m entering myself as well because I REALLY want to win what she picked it. It’s from Holland and I’ve seen a photo and it’s crazy cute! I’m not going to show what it is until the winner is announced though. :)

A big thank you to everyone who participated! Capturing fireworks is incredibly hard and I’m impressed with what some people were able to achieve with their point-and-shoot cameras. I had a really hard time with my fancy dSLR!

That Wife


Crafty Smurf

Barefoot Stargazer

Dawn M. Schaffer Photography

Photography by Marissa

Laura Laing Photography



Kelli Nicole Photography

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Edit: Oh no! Natalie, a July 4th birthday girl, sent in her photo and I forgot to add it! Happy belated Natalie!