Mini Style Files: Blue Stars

Another set of pictures that are from a few months ago, which means his hair looks really different and these pants are getting too short. This is one of those shirts that looks like a dress shirt on top, but is a onesie on bottom, which is awesome because it means I never have to tuck them it in.

Shirt: Baby Gap
Pants: United Colors of Benetton Kids
Socks: Poland
Shoes: Baby Gap

Style Files: Green Belt, Brown Trench

These pictures were taken back in January, which is why you’ll see me wearing a heavy coat. This is how long it takes me to get around to posting these!

Belt: Thrifted
Sweater: Nordstrom
Brown tank: Thrifted
Jeans: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
Boots: Born
Earrings: Gift from sister
Coat: Thrifted (what a find!)

Buttoned Up Isn’t For Me

I have a large chest (news to everyone, I know) and sometimes I get tired of wearing undershirts. I went out to dinner with TH and some friends a few weeks ago and thought I could get away with wearing this dress buttoned up.

mind the gap

Looks like undershirts are one of my “things”. Or clothes designed specifically for well-endowed women. What brand does that? This dress is from Target. I do like my bright pink tights, school girl heels, and aqua bracelet though. Next time I wear the dress, it’s going to be unbuttoned (since another breast reduction doesn’t seem likely).


Style Files: Black Dress, Gray Tights

Wearing this dress is so fun because I always get compliments on it. I love that feeling! Thanks mom for getting it for me, and thanks kind friends who say nice things to me (something I’m always trying to work on). I think maybe this combination would have worked better with higher heels? It’s hard for me to find higher heels that I can wear due to my fat feet and high arches. Being on carpet and having my feet sink down into the floor doesn’t help things either. Or maybe black dress with gray tights is never okay?

Dress: Nordstrom rack
Tights: Poland
Belt: Poland
Shoes: Poland
Necklace: Poland

As you probably guessed, I like to do a lot of shopping when we visit Poland.