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Easter 2013

May 05, 2013 By: Jenna Category: Holiday

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Now I am going to show you some pictures of my kids from Easter.

We went to an egg hunt that was held in Menlo Park and I was not impressed with the “hunt” portion. There was no hunting. Just eggs dropped on a football field and picked up by dashing children. It worked great for T1 though, because this was his first hunt and he was very polite, giving everyone else a turn and moving very slowly as he tried to figure out why we were picking up eggs that policemen had dropped out of a giant bag a few moments before.

He experienced his first ever tootsie roll that day. It made for some good video footage.

This is the best I could do when it came to “photo with the bunny”. He had no interest in sitting in the lap of a person dressed in a creepy bunny costume, and I wasn’t about to make him do it (I wouldn’t sit in that lap either).

The next day I had a fabulous time putting them in Easter outfits and did my best to get a picture of both of them dressed up and not crying. Who knows how often that will happen in the future!

Christmas 2012

February 02, 2013 By: Jenna Category: Holiday

Consider this a recap of everything Christmas/Holiday related from 2012. :)

We kicked things off with a visit to the Los Altos Festival of Lights. We arrived right when it started and found decent seats (bring your own chairs!), didn’t have to park too far away, and found the length to be just perfect for T1′s age and attention span.

I pushed for a real tree, but we decided to get a fake one in the end. This one has a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree vibe, but it was inexpensive and pre-lit with LED and the perfect tree for us at this point in our life. I hope That Husband knows that eventually I want to go down to Santa Cruz and cut a real one down and bring it home!

T1 spent most of his time managing our efforts.
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Pumpkin Carving 2012

February 01, 2013 By: Jenna Category: Holiday

I love carving pumpkins, it’s one of my very favorite holiday traditions, but pregnancy has toned down my enthusiasm for most things this year. 2013 will be the year of the baby and the toddler, so I’m thinking 2014 will be the year I get my groove back. I’m glad we did something simple and carved at least one pumpkin though, because looking back over our pictures I realized that this was our first time taking the top off the gourd and letting T1 dive in to feel the slime and the seeds.

As his parent, I of course think these are so adorable and hilarious. It’s my right, you know?
I finished off the experience by carving in the date 2/13 and a belly bump as an homage to T2. Unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job, as people on Instagram were asking me if it was a dinosaur. Ha!
It’s the thought that counts, right?

Christmas Card 2012

December 25, 2012 By: Jenna Category: family, Holiday

Yet another year where I (Jenna) am writing this Christmas card from a different location than in years past. This year we are located south of San Francisco in the Palo Alto area of California. It took me approximately three days to declare that I love it here and want to stay forever. We are so grateful that TH not only has a great job, but one that allows us to live in such a beautiful place.

When 2012 started, we thought we had an idea how things would go. TH would graduate with an MBA from the University of Chicago, we’d move back to Dallas, T1 would continue learn and grow and amaze us with his interpretation of the world around him. The first and last have turned out as expected, but a new job offer for TH has taken us in a completely different direction than previously anticipated.

While I went back to school this Summer my parents generously offered to employ, house, feed, and entertain TH and T1 up in my hometown while I finished up at BYU. I was so grateful to have my mom, dad, and sister present as I walked across the graduation stage (I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English), and three days later we were lucky enough to find ourselves in Poland enjoying the company of TH’s family while eating Krakow Cake in the backyard.

T1 has reached the language explosion stage, and conversations with him become more entertaining as each day passes. He loves preschool, talks all the time about “friends”, and comes home singing songs that I have to look up on YouTube so I can sing along. All those who spend time with him consistently describe him as a sweetheart, and he is developing into an earnest, determined, and meticulous little boy. He loves to whisper secrets to and hug the baby inside of Mama, and though we didn’t find out the sex of our second little one he will always predict that it’s a girl when asked what mommy is having. It’s going to be such a treat to watch him fill the role of big brother.

Our plans for 2013 include surviving with a determined/demanding preschooler and a newborn. We know many of you have done it, so it must be possible… right?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Halloween 2012 (v. II)

November 02, 2012 By: Jenna Category: Holiday

I knew I needed an alternative costume for one of the Halloween celebrations we were attending (Mitt Zombie is a bit politically charged right now, and confusing because I won’t tell people whether it’s me advocating for him or having some fun with his name :) ) and I had planned to just send T1 out as a zombie. The day before Halloween I was in Costco and saw that they had fireman raincoats and boots (two things that T1 needs anyway). I stopped in to Goodwill and snagged a fireman hat for $1.50. Guess that’s one of the benefits of cliche costumes, secondhand stuff is easy to find. Will keep this in mind for the future.

T1 as a Fireman.

I like dressing up, but didn’t have any ideas until I spotted this red wig sitting next to the fireman hat. I thought I could probably still squeeze into this dress (just barely) and thus I went as Fire. Although the boy we went trick-or-treating said I looked like a clown. Should have looked for a red nose I guess?

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