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One Quick Take

October 20, 2014 By: Jenna Category: Uncategorized

I don’t think I take that many selfies, but our kids are like little windows into who we really are with the way they mimic.

Jenna Cole in Houston

October 17, 2014 By: Jenna Category: Uncategorized

We’re visiting Houston for the last week of October and I have availability for a few mid-week sessions. I’ll be offering a (slight) discount since I’m only doing them mid-week and because I’m still working to build up content for my website makeover. Anyone in that area who needs photos done? Let’s chat! Email jenna{at} for more details.

Jenna Cole in Houston, October 2014

Mamiya 645. Portra 800. Pushed 1 stop.

Prepping my body for Dirty Thirty

October 16, 2014 By: Jenna Category: Uncategorized, weight


Canon AE-1. Kodak Gold 200 (expired, I think).

Since I worked off the pregnancy weight from T2 I’ve bounced around within the same 10lb range for almost a year. I settled into a routine of going to the gym 2-3x/week, starting a diet one week and moving to another a few weeks later. I felt like I was drifting and couldn’t decide if I wanted to give up completely or give it one more push.

In anticipation of my 30th birthday (why does that jump from one decade to the next feel so significant?) I decided to double down and see what I could make myself into. Not one last push to ever lose weight (let’s be realistic here) but one last push to be where I want to be before I tumble into my 30th decade. I’m still working to process my feelings about my body, after so many years of being denied the opportunity to form my own ideas about what my body is and what I can do with it. I started gaining weight as soon as I moved away to college and so it’s been years since I’ve seen myself strong and lean. What will that look like? What will that feel like?

 I considered a few different diet plans before I settled on my current program. Read more →

One Quick Take

October 07, 2014 By: Jenna Category: Uncategorized

It’s October and it’s still hot! When I get the kids dressed in the morning I find myself gravitating toward my favorite pieces of summer clothing. They grow so much in a year that I know this will be the last time they wear whatever I put them in over the next few weeks.

Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be in the upper eighties, and so I’m thinking we are going to do one last warm weather hurrah. What are you planning for this weekend?

Cookies for the Neighbors

October 02, 2014 By: Jenna Category: Uncategorized

In our continuing quest to befriend our neighbors we decided to make cookies. The kids got into the Learning Tower and helped me bake three dozen, which took so long that we didn’t deliver them until right around bedtime. We had the phone numbers for most of the neighbors we delivered to and chose to ditch the cookies on the porch so we didn’t have to ring any doorbells (which might cause kids to jump up from storytime to fight for the privilege to opportunity to open the door). [Addendum: I didn't realize it wasn't clear that we used the phone numbers of the neighbors so we could text them and let them know they should check the porch when bedtime was over. I also forgot to mention that each plate had a handwritten note saying that our kids would love to get together with theirs, or that we would be happy to get together one evening for a glass of wine.]

So far it doesn’t seem like we yielded much. One family didn’t acknowledge the cookies at all, one sent us a text, one waved at us from the window. I was hoping it would encourage someone to reach out and ask us to spend time together in some way. I think we’re going to have to throw some sort of neighborhood cocktail party for that to happen.

My sister and I used to fight for the opportunity to lick the paddle after the cookies were made. My mom figured out that she could give one of us the paddle, and one of us the spatula. Personally I think the paddle was the better end of the deal.

Even though our gifts didn’t lead to any friendships (yet) I loved the whole experience. Sharing my love of food and the kitchen with my kids is such a gratifying experience, I hope both of them pick up a love for that in some way.

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