Photography Tutorials

Spot Meter for Better Portraits

How To Spot Meter for Better Portraits

Make the Most of Your Window Light

Make Better Use of Your Window Light

DIY Pop-up Studio

Create An Inexpensive Natural Light Pop-Up Studio In Your Home

How to Take Portraits in Patches of Wildflowers
How to make wildflower patches look like they go on and on in your photos


Digitizing Childhood Artwork
Use Your dSLR to Save Childhood Artwork

If you’re thinking about buying something new, I highly recommend renting first (let’s not talk about the $2700 lens I bought because “everyone loves it”, used less than 5 times, and then sold for just over less than half of what I purchased it for). My favorite place to rent from is Borrow Lenses. If you click the banner ad below, you will be redirected to their site using my link, and if you rent something I get 5% commission for your rental! I put a lot of work into my photography related posts, and using my affiliate link is a really nice way to show your gratitude!

lens rental

New camera? Start Here!

Taking Your Photos From Blah to BAM!

Navigating Your New dSLR

Shutter Speed



White Balance

Creative Photo Framing

Finding the Light

Avoid the Hard Light

The Importance of a UV Filter

Baby Photography: 1 Month

By Big Apple Nosh: A Still-life Photo Setup For Beginners

Using Window Light for Food Photography


A Bit More Advanced

Better White Balance In-Camera With a Gray Card

Portfolio Building, Inspiration, Branding

Use One Light Source

Using Your Histogram

Why You MUST Buy a Better Lens

Sensor Cleaning

Have Some Fun!



The Jenna Cole Recipe


2009 Canon Camera Buying Guide

dSLR: How To Choose

FastStone Photo Resizer

Tilt Shifting

My 5D Mark II

My Wedding Album


Jenna Cole Packaging

Quick Tips on What To Wear

Lens Recommendations for Going on Vacation

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