23 Sep

Mini Golf

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This weekend we found another family activity that everyone enjoys – mini golf at Golfland! The location had three courses and was completely empty when we showed up, which allowed T1 to move ahead of us as he pleased while I attempted to best TH. I started things off with a hole-in-one, but it was beginners luck and it all went downhill from there. I can’t tell you the final score because the kids didn’t last that long, but I was happy to have an easy morning where everyone got to do something they liked. For T2 the thing she liked was holding a ball in her hand, sometimes putting it down and attempting to whack it with a putter sized for adults and taller than her. It would be a little out of our budget to do this full price on a regular basis, but maybe we can make it a Saturday morning treat, and I’m sure they run promotions in the winter months to try to keep business up.
mini golf mini golf mini golf mini golfT2 still has enough of her baby fat that I can’t envision her future self very well, but T1 has reached an age where I feel like I can glimpse what he’s going to look like as an adult. Kapow! Our genes mix well, don’t they TH?


20 Sep

One Quick Take

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When I married a brown-eyed boy, I thought I my dad’s blue eyes would end with me. My genes are putting up a good fight though, and as of right now I have two blue-eyed babies. She could still go from blue to brazowy, and I’ll tell you a little secret… I’ll think her eyes are delightful either way.

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19 Sep

Podcast You Should Be Listening To: StartUp

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I spend a good portion of my day listening to podcasts via the app PodCruncher, using the bluetooth device that T1 calls my “birfday present.” My favorite podcast of all time is This American Life. Each time TAL issues a new episode I put off listening to it until I know it’s an opportunity to really savor what Ira Glass is presenting that week. Another podcast consistently releasing excellent episodes is Planet Money. Recently Alex Blumberg, former producer  of This American Life and co-founder of Planet Money, launched a new podcast about his attempts to start a business that will produce multiple narrative-driven podcasts on a variety of subjects. (Where’s the Kickstarter campaign? I want to be funding this yesterday.)

StartUp podcast


The first two episodes were good, good enough for me to save them on my phone so I can have That Husband listen to them the next time we drive somewhere together.  The StartUp podcast has so far been sharp and engaging, but the third episode in particular was absolutely riveting. The kind of content that makes you sit in your car in the garage after arriving home, long enough that the lights turn off, because you can’t bring yourself to do anything other than drink in what you’re hearing. In the third episode two business partners share their personal reactions to deciding on the equity split for their company and the sort of authenticity and vulnerability they are putting out there is hard to find elsewhere in world of business-focused content. I really admire the way Alex Blumberg lays it bare without oversharing. That’s something I’m working to figure out as well.

Any podcasts you love that you think I should be listening to? I have subscribed to over 50 but I’m always searching for the next great producer of audio content that I can’t get enough of. If there are other podcastphiles out there who would like to see this “podcasts you should be listening to” type post become a regular feature let me know!

18 Sep

I Only Have Moves For You, Dear

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When I wrote my post about hair and youth I tried to work through the responses before I posted, in order to anticipate anything I might want to avoid. There were two that I missed that I wanted to circle back to in a second pass.

First, the discussion of my unwanted desire to be considered attractive, specifically by men, should not be read as a broadcast that I’m actively looking for something, nor that I want to be objectified by any human person. Have you seen the Jessica Williams piece about how the sidewalk is not a catwalk? I can give a big amen to that. Down with the cat-calling and the misogyny! I’m not advocating for men to toss sleazy “compliments” in my direction, or in the direction of any woman. But I do think a lot of women, myself included, grow up viewing their looks as a commodity to be leveraged in the marketplace of life. Growing older and having children complicates all of this and leaves me feeling confused about where my worth is as I attempt to redefine some of my longest-held beliefs.

Second, a few people expressed shock that I, a married woman, would dare to talk publicly about my individual sexuality. I have a husband after all. Read more →

16 Sep

One Day Per Week

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We went through a period where That Husband was working every single day of the week and I was emotionally depleted by the lack of family-togetherness time. It was really hard for me to enjoy my time with my kids when I was constantly jumping back and forth between meeting the needs of one or the other. I craved an easy afternoon where we would laugh and play and be in love with each other, all of us together in the same place . TH could see that the everyday working arrangement wasn’t a good long term strategy for our marriage, and so he promised me Saturdays as a family day. So far he’s been able to stick with it and we are all so much happier! The kids get to interact with him and show him their newest skills, and I get to go to Happy Hollow and have someone to chat and sit with as the kids do their kid things.

Speaking of Happy Hollow, once we figured out we were going to spend time together, we had to agree on what to do. Not an easy task when one partner likes to explore and try new things and the other likes routine and predictability. I want to sit down with the Red Tricycle emails and plan a different sort of outing every weekend, focusing on all of the food festivals that have a little something for the kids and a little something for me too. TH has won out for now, and most of our Saturday mornings of late have been spent at Happy Hollow, a little park and zoo not too far from our house. We can wear the kids out, feed them lunch, keep them awake in the car, and have some quiet time to ourselves in the afternoon. T1 loves it there, so much so that every time his teacher asks him what he has been up to he describes trips to Happy Hollow. Even on the weekends when we don’t go :).

I’m not a huge fan of zoos, but I do have a soft spot for the meerkat exhibit. Those little guys are really committed to being on the lookout at all times.  Read more →

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