I have a few boards on Pinterest that I think you might like.

Cook/Bake This!
A group board where participants can pin the links to dishes they’ve tried and would recommend to others. It’s a board intended to cut through the clutter of pretty pictures and focus on the dishes that are much more likely to be successful.

I love to eat out, particularly at places that focus on making their food from scratch using fresh, organic, and local ingredients. My Eatery boards are a place to track where I’ve been (and what I thought about it) as well as the places I’d like to visit.

Eateries: Chicago

Eateries: Dallas

Eateries: San Francisco

Eateries: Everywhere Else

A collection of pins largely devoted to half and full updos for long hair.

Make It Again
My place for noting the recipes I want to make again and again.

Movies That Made Me Think
I prefer reality TV about food most of the time, but sometimes I sit through the entirety of a Hollywood film. My favorites are those that shape my thinking in some way.

Photographs I Love
There are people out there using their cameras in ways that blow my mind.

Quotes and Sayings
A compendium of quotes that inspire me. Sometimes I can’t find a pretty version of a quote I love, so I make one myself. Please feel free to create a more attractive graphic and send me the link. I’ll replace mine with a pin of your creation.

Vegetarian Delights
When I decided I wanted to eat less meat, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out how to put together a meal without meat as the main dish. I haven’t tried all of these dishes, but if you’re feeling stuck like me take a look at this board and you’ll see how varied and delicious a vegetarian diet can be.

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