Last Weeks of Immovability

July 24, 2013 By: Jenna Category: baby

She’s so close to crawling and this means I’ve got to jump on every opportunity to take pictures of her before she starts scooting away from me all the time.






His Last Name. Her Last Name.

June 27, 2013 By: Jenna Category: baby

Throughout my pregnancy we spent hours talking about first and middle names for our second child. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, so we discussed both male and female combinations that we liked. Our criteria for first names was the same as before (minus my thoughts about a theme) and I wanted a family name for the middle name (T1′s middle name is my FIL’s first name). About an hour after I gave birth to our baby girl the midwife asked if T2 was going to take my last name or That Husband’s. We both laughed because we had never considered anything other than the American standard, children take husband’s last name. And so on all the paperwork filled out post-birth the midwife used TH’s last name.

When giving birth in a hospital in the US, the birth certification process is streamlined and under normal circumstances it’s all taken care of by the time you are discharged. Having a home birth means that the parents have to go into the local municipal office with a stack of paperwork and apply for a birth certificate. After a few weeks of procrastination we were preparing for our appointment when I thought back on what the midwife had asked and realized “I want her to have my last name.” I have had a different name from my husband for almost 5 years now, and so far it hasn’t caused any problems. I’ve had a different last name than my son for 3 years, and that hasn’t been an issue either (even with multiple trips out of the country and back).  But most of the males I know would not even consider such a thing with their own children. Read more →

Making Amends

May 10, 2013 By: Jenna Category: Personal

I’ve had this post on my mind for a long time now, but I felt I couldn’t write it until I revealed the enormous shift I’ve made over the past year. If you didn’t know that I had left Mormonism how could what I am about to say come across as anything other than pandering? I needed you to know that I am in a different place so that I could atone for my past mistakes. I choose the word atone carefully, knowing that my recent declaration could make it sound as though I am trying to be clever. But I know of no better word than atone to convey a complete cleansing, which is what I need. Some of the things I’ve said in the past hurt people in really deep ways and I want to shed the baggage that comes along with realizing that. This does not mean I recognize all of the mistakes I’ve ever made or will continue to make, or that I have the ability to own up to each and every one of them. I am deeply flawed, and within that bundle of flaws comes pride and shame, both which prevent me from being all that I want to be. I’ll keep chipping away at those stones that burden my progress, but for now I hope those I have hurt will accept the apologies I am offering up below and know that they come from the truest part of myself that I am mentally and emotionally able to lay bare.

fire sunset chicago eclipse

Most of these apologies are related to my Mormon mindset, but I will start with one that has no relation to the faith of my childhood. While I was pregnant I wrote a post called I’m Gonna Climb That Mountain (those who were hurt by this post have requested that it be made unavailable to the public so that the hurtful messages I voiced within it can’t be spread any further). I’m not sure anymore what I was trying to convey, but reading back over it I can see that it was a terrible post and I said a lot of hurtful things. I’ve been ashamed of that post for a long time, but haven’t allowed myself to take it down because I didn’t want to hide behind my ability to make posts private or delete them altogether. I think women should birth how and where they want. I am sorry that I made any woman feel like her birth plans or birth experience weren’t good enough. I think mothers should have every opportunity to choose the birth experience that leaves them feeling empowered and triumphant, because that is how I felt after the births of my babies and that is what I want every woman to have as well. I think that some women do everything they can to give birth a certain way and it turns out to be something else entirely. Those women should have the opportunity to grieve the loss of a great dream while they simultaneously celebrate the arrival of their little one(s), and no one should ever criticize them for doing so. There is no mountain. There’s just a pregnant woman doing her best for the life she carries inside of her, and then there is a beautiful mother doing her best for her child.

And now for the opinions and thought processes that were a product of my personal history and religious tradition. A wonderful thing to note is that not all of those who come from my community or belong to the Mormon faith think or act the way I did; they are much better people than I. But when I shifted away from Mormonism and a worldview shaped by my youth I left old hurtful attitudes behind and I can’t untangle where these attitudes began and how much of a role my past played in nurturing them. All I can do is acknowledge that they were a part of the Jenna of the past and that I want to leave them behind forever and move toward the better Jenna of the future.  Read more →

DITL: A Toddler and A Newborn

March 26, 2013 By: Jenna Category: baby

March 6th 2013.

T2 is exactly one month old. T1 is one month shy of his 3rd birthday.

The first waking of the night happens around 2 am.

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T2 at 1 Month

March 19, 2013 By: Jenna Category: baby

1 Month

Nicknames: Mah-ree-ree, Fuzzy Lumpkin, Sweetie Pie
Temperament: You are a very easy baby. As long as you are fed, changed, and burped, you are good to go.
Things I Could Do Without: You have a pretty severe nipple preference (you like the bottle better) and sometimes I can’t get you to latch at all.
Things You Could Do Without: The moment where you get out of the bath, your brother (literally) jumping on you, having both of your arms swaddled in the miracle blanket at night, tummy time.
Item/Toy We Love The Most: The glider. It’s so wonderful to snuggle up with you and rock back and forth as you coo and snore.
Item/Toy You Love The Most: The Moby. It’s soft and warm and you get to do your favorite thing in the world, which is sleep on me.
Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: That I’ve been able to relax and enjoy the time you’ve spent nursing, all of your darling smiles, treating you like a little doll and getting you dressed.
Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Mom’s chest (for eating sometimes, and sleeping always), dad’s face (you smile so big whenever he is around you).

01week 02weeks 03weeks04weeks


I want to write, long, detailed letters to you relishing every moment. Because we do, we relish the time spent with you. You’re such a sweetheart. But being the second baby means there just isn’t time for that. I don’t know if you’ll have kids someday, but if you do, and you have more than one, you’ll understand.

The good news is, we made most of our mistakes with your brother. Hopefully we’ll consistently be running a tigh Read more →

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