Brain Dump

I have an enormous number of links to share with you, and though I should just delete them, I can’t browse through and enjoy!

First up, Tinychat. I’m in love. I plan on getting on at some point tonight if you’d like to join me (I’ll tweet about it when I’m in). I’m thinking I’d like to schedule a regular chat time each week. Those who were using a wireless connection to chat had a harder time talking and being heard consistently, so if you’re going to join I suggest trying to use a wired connection. We were even brainstorming turning into a “talk show” of sorts, where I invite other bloggers to come on and talk with me (Mandy of OMGMom I’m looking at you!). I think this has a lot of possibilities. If I were to do my chat session at the same time which option would work best for you?

Kelli Nicole bought me a cast iron pan for Christmas. I’ve wanted something where I could brown dishes and then put them in the oven, and I feel like this one distributes the heat really evenly. Also, I was scared of whole chickens until I started using How to Cook Everything. Mark Bittman’s Simplest Whole Roast Chicken really is simple.

Bugs like you have never seen them before.

Stop reading the nutrition label and look at the ingredients list.

This family started a blog devoted to eating only real food for 100 days. Then they took it even farther and fed 2 adults and 2 children on $125/week, all while eating from the farmer’s market, shopping at Earth Fare (similar to Whole Foods), and drinking local milk.

Which is more important to you, organic or local?

A really easy way to give yourself unlimited email addresses with Gmail.

I want this line of furniture in my house.

A podcast for wedding photographers.

A man who lives in 182 square feet.

An entire wedding shot with one lens.

I want to create this:

Via Becky Higgins

This animation is so incredibly moving.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

As a reward for making it through all of those links, enjoy T1 eating a sour piece of orange. These pajamas are Hanna Andersson from Costco and I adore how he looks in them.

Brain Dump

Remember this series? I’ve been collecting loads of links but I never take the time to post them.

Ryan Brenizer

If you love reading the blogs of photographers like I do, you really should add Ryan Brenizer’s blog to your list. He does these awesome Photo of the Day posts, where he tells you what he used to create the photo in question. This one in particular blows my mind, since it was taken at night and he didn’t use any flash or other lights to create it (when you do that it’s called using ambient light). Ryan is a true master!


I know some of you are working on understanding the difference between shooting RAW and shooting JPG. Here is a great article with pictures that help illustrate the difference between both the SOOC shots and the edited ones.

Foodie Elitism

An argument for Foodie Elitism by that crazy awesome farmer you were introduced to in Food, Inc.

Baby-led Weaning

I’m probably not the best person to talk to when it comes to baby-led weaning, because I tend to make things up as I go along. If you want to know how the informed people are doing it, click here.

Underwater Fairy Tale

Underwater photos are really tough to do. These look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. I adore them.

Creating a Budget

An absolutely fantastic post by a fellow ‘bee that breaks down how they created a budget.

Chicago Vacation Series

In This Instance is writing a series of posts called My Chicago Vacation, where she walks you through different areas of town and details what she would eat and do if she were to take a vacation there.I think even a native Chicagoan would enjoy her series!

I was suppose to have a family shoot today, but the gloomy weather caused a postponement. Now I’m going to take a break from computer time to try to give some extra attention to T1 this weekend (he just woke up from his nap) because I feel like I’ve been budgeting far too much time for Jenna Cole and That Wife lately. That Husband finished finals, so I’m hoping we can watch a movie together and eat popcorn (balsalmic!). I’m thinking we’ll watch Valkyrie or We Are Marshall. Have you seen them? Yay or nay?

I took pictures for another day-in-the-life post. Should go up next week and I think those of you without a lot of baby experience are going to feel relieved when you see how much easier it is to feed him now (he can hold his own bottle, hallelujah).

I’ve stopped losing weight and it’s frustrating. All of the comments on my food blog have been really nice though, so thank you for that!

I need to get practicing because I’m singing It Came Upon The Midnight Clear in church next weekend. What was I thinking when I agreed to sing a solo?!?!?!

I like to let T1 crawl the hallway outside our apartment door. It’s very long and it wears him out so he will take a nap. !win!

Remember how I went to Europe and then never blogged about it? I’m going to fix that. Soon.

We leave for Utah in 10 days. T1 is so excited to see my sister again.

Brain dumped. Have a great weekend!

Brain Dump

1. Internet

We still don’ t have it. Maybe by Tuesday. If you care to recall, we moved on August 27th and we contacted them in advance to try to get things set up right when we moved in.

2. Hair Loss

It has begun and TH is convinced that something is wrong with me.

3. Moving in

We have our stuff. So far we have discovered a broken chair (fixable), broken lamp (not sure), scratched entertainment center door, scratched table leg. I think next time we are going to move ourselves so we have more control.

4. Bien Living

I told Kristin our budget and she is taking care of the living room decor for us. The color scheme so far is white, beige, brown, blue/aqua. Of course I still can’t see the living room because it’s covered in boxes, but we’re getting there.

5. T1

I still haven’t posted his 4 month update, and it’s already time for me to take his 5 month pictures! I have the video and pictures ready, just need the connection to post them (see #1 above). This week I was holding him in my lap with his face turned toward me and I brought him in close and said “ooooooooo” like an owl. I had cheese breath and apparently he found that very exciting because the opened his eyes up wide and dove in and tried to eat my face off. It was ridiculously cute. I hope this means he is going to start developing an interest in foods soon!*

6. Chicago

I love love love Chicago. I load up T1 in the stroller and walk to the local farmer’s market for groceries for the night, our apartment is flooded with light, the ocean lake is so beautiful to look out on, I’ve met so many people I adore, and Jenna Cole business is slowly coming up. The fact that I was supposed to have two shoots today and both got cancelled can’t even get me down. I’m in love with this city!

*We’re going to be doing baby-led weaning so I’m waiting for him to tell me he’s ready, we won’t necessarily be relying on the 6 month rule.

Brain Dump

1. Owning is always better than renting, right?

Not so fast. M of Forty Twenty Four does a great breakdown of her overall budget now that they own a home, and at the end of her post lists some of the changes they’ve made now that they have a mortgage.

We won’t be buying a home until we can do it in cash. TH isn’t joking about that one, as he never caught the “American dream” bug that tells you your ultimate goal in life is to be a homeowner.

2. LDS Church Flickr Pool

If you’re on Flickr and you have Church related photos you can submit them and they might get used in a Church publication! Very cool. Here’s one that I submitted:

Does the steeple look straight to you? I don’t know why I have such a hard time with that.

3. Underground Supper Clubs

Chicago underground dining clubs. I want to go, bad. Of course I want to go to the invite only one the most. Not sure what they are? CNN talked about them here.

4. Chronicling the Journey as a New Photographer

I recently found the blogs of two new photographers who are doing a great job chronicling their journey as they grow. If you’re a new photographer yourself I suggest you follow along, you can learn from their good decisions… and their bad ones.

Kate Maxwell Photography. Kate actually lived on the same floor as me freshman year. She was getting paid to go to school, no joke. She’s brilliant and quirky and uber creative. Definitely someone to watch if you’re in the Pacific Northwest because I perdict her talents will grow at lightning speed! (Kelli, do you remember Katie from Rogers 96? That’s her. 🙂 She already agreed to room with me at WPPI 2011, want to join in our party?)

Kari Campos Photography. Kari is doing exactly what I wish I would have done, posting about the little things she learns, as she learns them. My blog is too much of a hodge-podge for me to cover things as in-depth as she does, so if you wish I would have blogged my journey through the world of photography a bit more thoroughly I think Kari is the one you should be following.

5. Flossing

This week I endured 3 days of sitting in the dentist’s chair. Filling after filling after filling. Floss your teeth friends, don’t be an idiot like me and end up paying for it out of your retirement fund later on.

6. T1’s Passport Photos

I sat T1 down in a chair covered with a white blanket and attempted to get a suitable photo for his passport. Not sure why it’s matters since by the time he’s going to look like a completely different baby! Remember that crazy change from Month 1 to Month 3?

This is the one I chose for his photo.

7. That Husband is a Hottie

Happy to know some of you think so as well. 🙂

The end.

Brain Dump

1. Why Italy is Hilarious

My friend Lizzie served a two year mission to Italy and wrote this really funny post about what a run-in with the Mafia can really be like.

2. Why Kimmie Chose WordPress over Blogger

Kimmie is one of the readers I visited during my “Meet the Readers” blog tour (still working on that by the way), and I loved this post she wrote about why she personally chose WordPress over Blogger.

3. Bring Birth Home

I like this site. I’m sure it’s obvious why.

4. Training Your Spouse

Approximations really work. Amy Sutherland talks about What Shamu Taught Her About a Happy Marriage. Have you used approximations with your spouse?

5. Clickin’ Moms

I think there are a lot of you out there who have a dSLR and want to learn how to use it to take better pictures of your kids. This site sounds like it could be the answer! Might be good for those who only have a point and shoot as well.

6. Chore Buster

I’m so going to start using Chore Buster when TH is at business school and has a lighter workload. And maybe even during August when he has the entire month off.

7. Old Spice Guy

Everyone has already seen this, right? RIGHT!?!?! (Watch it if you haven’t!)