Exploring Chicago With My Sister

My sister flew into town last weekend to do some babysitting while That Husband and I flew to Dallas for a weekend hosted by Company X. She did a fabulous job taking care of T1 (as we knew she would) and as a bonus she took great pictures of whatever he was up to while we were gone.

Side note: T1 *loves* his daddy. He far and away prefers daddy to mommy, and his favorite thing to do is to grab this particular Polish storybook off the shelf and bring it over for TH to read to him.

I die!

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The Business School Offer

Toward the end of That Husband’s paternity leave he came in one day and told me that he was going to be taking a call from work. My first response was “What!?!??! They are not supposed to be using up part of your time off to put your nose to the grindstone.” When he told me what the call was for, my attitude rapidly changed. It was that call, the one that would determine our financial future for the next few years, and possibly would determine whether we packed up all of our belongings and moved to Chicago for business school this Fall. Exciting!


TH’s work has what is known as the business school offer, which means they will help with the cost of business school if the employee in question will agree to come back and work for the company for a set period of time after they graduate. They only extend offers for those who are attending specific MBA programs, so TH was very careful in his decision regarding where to apply to school, focusing his energy on the applications that were most likely to lead to an offer from Company X where he works.

When the University of Chicago gave him a “yes”, we knew that the offer was more likely but nothing was for sure until it was for sure. I lay down for a nap, and when I woke up TH came in and told me that he had received the offer. TH will walk away from his MBA experience with a degree in hand and no debt to weigh us down and stress us out awe will be able to cover all of the costs with a combination of the offer from Company X and our savings. In return for this generous offer he agrees to return to Company X and work for a few years. As I understand it they are willing to do this because it means they are able to have employees who have not only an MBA but significant experience in consulting.

If this offer had not been extended we were still undecided whether we would go for sure, as taking on the amount of debt required to earn an MBA was something we really wanted to avoid. Between the offer and our savings TH will be able to stop working completely for two years, focusing solely on school, and hopefully acting as babysitter every once in awhile while I venture out of the house on Jenna Cole shoots (okay I haven’t told him I’m hoping for that part yet but it might work, right?). We consider ourselves very lucky to be in this situation and we are really looking forward to enjoying our time as a family in a new city without the pressure of TH attempting to balance school and work life while I try to juggle the waters of motherhood and owning (and building!) my own business.

So now I can say it’s officially official. This August, we are absolutely moving to Chicago!