Mini Style Files: Burberry Polo

Lucky T1 was gifted a Burberry Polo. He looks pretty cute in it, as long as you don’t mind the drippy nose. These pictures are from January, so he looks a little bit more grown up now. And of course, he’s too big to wear this now (I think that even if T2 is a girl, we could get some use out of this, right?).

Polo: Burberry Baby

Pants: Baby Gap

Shoes: Baby Gap

Buttoned Up Isn’t For Me

I have a large chest (news to everyone, I know) and sometimes I get tired of wearing undershirts. I went out to dinner with TH and some friends a few weeks ago and thought I could get away with wearing this dress buttoned up.

mind the gap

Looks like undershirts are one of my “things”. Or clothes designed specifically for well-endowed women. What brand does that? This dress is from Target. I do like my bright pink tights, school girl heels, and aqua bracelet though. Next time I wear the dress, it’s going to be unbuttoned (since another breast reduction doesn’t seem likely).


Shooting Style (Vested)

I look incredibly awkward in this photo, but it’s the best I have and I wanted to show you the new outfit I’ve been wearing for shooting weddings. When I  showed you my previous get-up, I had a lot of great feedback, including a strong bias toward switching to pants. I had resisted because looking dressed up is important to me (it’s a special day and I want the couple to know it’s special for me too!) but as several people kindly points out, my cotton faded dress just wasn’t looking nice anymore, and a crisp pair of black pants would look much smarter.

Some time spent on Pinterest left me thinking the solution was a black pants+white shirt+vest combination. I bought a very nice $110 vest at the Nordstrom sale, counted it as a business expense, and was all set to wear it at the next wedding. Then we went to Poland and I found this one on clearance for $15. Much better.

White shirt – $3, thrifted
Vest – $15, Poland
Black pants – Express, purchased like 7 years ago so I have no idea how much they cost ($50?)
Shoes – $130, Cole Haan
Earrings – From my great-grandmother
Necklace – From a super-sweet former bride

And of course I wear my hair in the sock bun.

I’m really happy with the way this looks. I can squat, scoot, crawl, roll, whatever I need to do to get a great picture, but I still feel like I look like I’m taking the wedding day seriously. My next step is getting a bolder pair of earrings. Maybe something like this? Oh, or small gold discs like these with my little wig punched in the corner instead of the trees.

And once I bought and started wearing this vest, I realized I wanted even more. I feel like they’re a nice way to draw attention to my waist and away from my belly flab. So far the picture I”‘e seen of myself wearing them seems to suggest this is correct (there have been times when I see a picture of myself, and realize what I previously though was SO not true).


I don’t have a fashionably modest picture of myself for today, so I thought I’d show you some pictures of other people’s attempts at fashionably modest! Maranda tipped me off to the Yfashion blog a few months ago, which documents the streetwear of students on campus at BYU. A few of my favorites:

Pinterest is littered with stripes and mustard yellow lately.

Cuffed jeans! Could I get TH to pull this one off?

So girly. I’m looking forward to cooler weather because I feel like it’s easier to look fashionable when you can rely on layering.

Is that a vest she has on under that coat? Lately I have a thing for vests.

All images from here

I hope they start updating this blog again when school starts this fall!

Fashionably Modest: Black and Red (and a Seersucker Baby)

Yes, I wore this to church on Sunday. This is how marriage works, you communicate, you compromise, and sometimes you even change.

(I know I’m bordering on this, but I can’t help it today.)

Belt: Thrifted, $2
Dress: Nordstrom Rack, $75
Earrings: Birthday Gift
Hair Comb: Vintage (purchased by my mom from a flea market in France)
Shoes: Thrifted, $10

Total: $87

Hair in a sock bun of course.

T1 has the cutest little church outfit right now that I wanted to highlight as well. The shirt is from Nordstrom, and it fits so fantastically (it’s difficult to find things that fit slim) that I plan to buy him another when he outgrows it. The seersucker pants were a steal at $4 (new with tags) from the thrift store. And the shoes are XXW at 50% off from Endless (the50% off part was a lucky break). This kid has the widest feet, and I am not thrilled with the amount of money we are pouring into shoes he outgrows so quickly.

Yes, I know there are fantastic second-hand stores all over the place, but I’ve looked and they just don’t have shoes for baby feet like his in stock*. I’ll just keep thrifting the rest of his clothes to make up the difference I guess!

*If you happen to have a wide footed baby who is about a 6.5, I have an extra pair of these brown sandals, worn only once to church, that I’d love to sell you.