Golden Gargoyles

On Saturday we left T1 with the sitter and went downtown for a Booth event called Golden Gargoyles. TH is in a group called a “cohort” and each cohort made a film. The top films were screened, as well as clips taken from each one to fit certain categories, like best special effects or best unoriginal soundtrack. It was pretty funny, I got most of the jokes, though I wish they relied a bit less on off-color humor to get laughs. Oh well!

The theme was Heroes and Villians, and that was supposed to prompt the costumes that people wore. Lots of James Bonds and Jokers, one Joker in particular who was really freaky and really took on the Heath Ledger persona in Dark Knight. The guy dressed in black and white stripes (prison garb) under a suit coat with a name tag that said Bernie Madoff really made me laugh.

Can you guess what we are?

The housing bubble and a mortgage backed security. Ha! I think these are so clever. Some friends from church left us borrow TH’s costume stuff, including the shirt. Thanks friends! They get credit for the idea too.

TH fashioned my one shouldered bubble dress. These pictures were taken at the end of the night and so it looks a little torn up by it help up pretty well.

We drove with L and K (K risked his life to secure us a free parking spot we snagged, jumping out of our still moving car and freaking out the guy behind us who did not expect Elvis to come flying out and prevent him from stealing our spot).

Batwoman taking off for the night.

Thanks for the free date night Booth!

Deluxe Date Night: La Duni and Society Bakery

Anniversary dinner celebration meant another Deluxe Date Night for us, something I haven’t written about for awhile. We visited La Duni based on the recommendation of a friend and it did not disappoint. If you’re in the Dallas area visit for yourself, you’ll love it.

I started with a fakejito, the first time I’ve understood why people suck these down like there is no tomorrow.

We splurged (as we always do on Deluxe Date Night) and ordered the Parrillada Argentina for 2.
Which included:
18 oz Iron Seared Prime Bone in rib eye Steak, Grilled Pork Tenderloin, 3 Argentinian Sausages, Chimichurri, Black Beans, Basmati Rice, Plantains, Yucca Fries, Pampas Potatoes, Green Salad & Vine Ripened Tomato

Basically an overwhelming amount of amazing food.

The plantains were the only thing I didn’t like, and I walked away stuffed. TH would like to go back and give their Carne Asada a try, it’s apparently the number one seller on the menu!

If you are in Dallas, you must drop everything right this moment and go get some cupcakes from Society Bakery. Next to the place where we got our wedding cake (Simply Desserts in Seattle, go! go! go!) it’s the best we’ve ever had.

From left to right, listed in order from favorite to not-so-favorite:

Red Velvet (Best red velvet ever, ever, ever)

German Chocolate

Lemon Poppyseed

Brooklyn Blackout

TH was begging me to visit once again the next day, for another round. We were like druggies, needing another fix. I’m already brainstorming the next event where cake/cupcakes from Society Bakery. Friday night is reason enough to celebrate, right?

Deluxe Date Night: The St. Regis and Da Marco

Last week was not just any old Deluxe Date Night, it was an overnight-stay-in-a-fancy-hotel-with-the-best-Italian-food-in-Texas Deluxe Date Night.

The St. Regis upgraded us to a suite, probably because TH is a “preferred” guest. That’s what they call businessmen who spend their weeks away from their wives.


These cookies were left out for us. Oh those cookies. And that orange thing you see the fruit sitting on is made of white chocolate.

And did I mention the cookies?


I’ve been browsing self-portraits on Flickr lately (check out Miss Aniela and Laurence) and I think I’d like to start doing some. I’ll probably start a 365 day self-portrait challenge sometime in the near future.


When That Husband got back to the hotel room (after a very long day of work) we ordered room service. My sandwich wasn’t that great, but the fries were delicious! (After I dipped them in fry sauce of course.)


You know what I want? A butter mold with my wig on it. Wouldn’t that be the best?


My BodyBugg was telling me I needed some more exercise so I decided to explore the hotel and take some photos.


The 50mm 1.2 is a wonderful thing to have around my neck.




These disembodied portraits were found throughout the hotel and I loved them.


After a very refreshing stay at the St. Regis we packed up all of our things and checked out. But before we headed home we indulged in a luxorious meal at Da Marco. This was an extra splurgy DDN meal in honor of TH’s birthday at the end of the week.

We started off with some bruschetta. The sweet corn was wonderful.


Pecans and pears combined in a salad are my favorite. And the cheese! I felt like I was in Italy all over again.


For “primi”

I ordered gnocchi, he ordered parpardelle with rabbit. We switched halway through and realized that we each liked the other’s dish better. 🙂


What was this? I have no idea. Something that started with a “C”, some kind of white meat with lobster and melon salad on the side. I forgot how much I love sweet and meat together.


That Husband went with potatoes, spinach and sea bass for his “secondi”.


It was the dessert that really sold me on Da Marco though. We were just about stuffed by this time so we only ordered one, but oooooohhhh baby. It was Panna Cotta with balsalmic drizzled on top. The tartness of the balsalmic was the absolute best complement that I can think of for the creamy and sweet Panna Cotta. Both the olive oil and the balsamic were so good that we ended up asking if they were available in the US and tipped our server extra for providing us with a business card with the names of both written down for future reference.

“Leonardi Saba” and “Peruzza Nobile di Sicilia”. I’ll be hunting them down the next time I visit Central Market.


Great choice TH! I wouldn’t mind going back again in the future. If anyone else is considering giving up eating out on a regular basis and splurging once a month instead, I highly reccomend it!

P.S.-Any photogs know why I’m getting blurry-highlity artifacts in my photos? Dirty sensor?


Taste of Addison

This weekend That Husband and I hit up Taste of Addison, the second “Taste of” event I have attended during my time in Texas (last year when I was here during the summer we went to Taste of Dallas). I’m starting to think these events should be mandatory in all cities of a certain size throughout the States. Taste of Addison was much bigger than the Dallas version, and I probably would have stayed until the end of the event, but That Husband was ready to head home. We didn’t take in much of the concert (Foreigner closed the night out and Bowling for Soup was playing as we walked out, I used to listen to them a lot in high school!), but we walked away with full tummies, which is really the point in going (well, for some people the point seemed to be to get get drunk. We saw a lot of those people.).

Luckily we ran into some friends while we were there, and were able to get this picture together. It’s always a stressful thing to try to find a sober, trustworthy person to hold and correctly utilize $3000 worth of equipment for a picture.


I was instantly taken back to my days spent showing pigs at the Fair as soon as I saw the carnival. After a bad experience with a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas a few years ago I don’t think That Husband and I will be going on any rides anytime soon though.


All of the standards were there: old time photo-booth, booths selling everything from summer dresses to costume jewelry, and caricaturists. What do these kind of vendors do for a living when they aren’t at fairs like this?


But we passed all of that by, for we were the couple that came for the food. Booths run by local restaurants lined either side of the park, some with no line, and others obviously making bank on an overcast Saturday night.


Benches and chairs are hard to come by, so most had to either stand and wolf their food down, or sit on the curb.


We started our gastronomical journey with Chicken Tikka Masala from The Saffron House. It was delicious, but reminded me we had forgotten our water bottles in the car and I was left waving my hand in front of my mouth a few times to cool things down. (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I have absolutely  no tolerance for anything spicy.)


This hummus from Nazar Turkish Resaurant was delicious (and the portions they were serving were so huge that we asked them to half ours), and we’ll definitely be visiting them for one of our Deluxe Date Nights this summer. I’m a big fan of supporting family owned restaurants, although we’ll probably avoiding them on Friday and Saturday nights when the belly dancing show is going on. I’m going to take a guess that TH would not be a fan.


A slice of Spanish Potato Omelet from De Tapas. My best friend went to Spain for study-abroad and when she came home this was the first dish she made for me. Heather, if you’re reading this, it tasted just like what you made that one day in the Yellow Brick House. I loved it! Although it was served with a big dollop of mayonnaise which I’m not sure I liked, did they eat it that way in Spain?


Texas Prime Beef Chili Pie from Chamberlains. It was my goal to eat at least one dish that felt “Texan” and this dish filled that quota for me. Mmmmn, Fritos.


Oh my, oh my my my. This Pear and Goat Cheese Salad, from Greenz Salad for Z’Adventurous was magnificent. It was divine. It was so good that I felt relieved when That Husband only took one bite and left the rest for me. I’m planning on taking my mom out to eat here when she arrives in Dallas this afternoon. I want some right now.


After a friend talked up Sambuca as the best booth he’d visited, we were eager to see what they had to offer.  The Chipotle BBQ Pork Slider was too spicy for me, and though salsa that accompanied the Chicken Samosas was good it didn’t match up to the salad I had just experienced from Greenz so I wasn’t wowed. Their website has a gorgeous picture on the homepage though, which might be enough to convince me to go out for dinner and experience some dinner at a location with a nightclub feel.



I’m still working on taking more pictures of strangers (it’s really tough I think), but the guys at Selim’s Doner Kebap made it pretty easy for me. I’m pretty sure the one on the left liked me, so he gave me extra sauce on my Kebap. Yum.



We ended the night with some original flavored fro-yo from BerryBerry. I’ll be visiting their storefront location again very soon. Probably tomorrow. And as a reward for making it through surgery the next day. And possibly the day after that as well.


Have you ever been to a “Taste of” event? Are they more common than I think?

Deluxe Date Night: Mua Sushi

Deluxe Date Night, explained here, happened once again this month, this time with a trip to a local sushi restaurant, Mua Sushi. And when I say local, I mean it. We were able to there, walk hand in hand, like the cute little newlyweds we are.

The traditional rolls.


What will That Husband choose? He is quite picky about his sushi, having been able to experience in many different places due to his traveling for work. The best he has ever had was in Arizona, if you were wondering.


I learned that two of my favorite things together, cream cheese and avocado, is not always a good thing.  Once we poked the cream cheese out this Mango Fandango roll was delicious.


I love the presentation that goes into each sushi dish. Isn’t this fantastic? It was just as yummy as it looks too.


Don’t be surprised if we Deluxe Date Night ends up being Deluxe Sushi Night from now on. I could eat sushi every day!



Are you a sushi fan?