DITL: Last Laundry Day in Chicago

7:45 am. I gather up the laundry and take it downstairs.

8:10 am. T1 is awake. I get him dressed because we are meeting up with friends and taking pictures.

9:05 am. It takes us close to an hour to get 4 kids and 2 adults out the door and down the street a few blocks to this little secret garden area next to Lake Shore drive. The light is stunning and the pictures turn out really beautiful!

9:57 am. We make it back to the apartment with only minor melt-downs from the kids. I wash my feet.

10:09 am. T1 goes down to the babysitter. It’s only a dozen floors down, but he insists that I wheel him in the stroller.

10:18 am. I head downstairs to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

10:58 am. I make myself brunch. My favorite smoothie as of late. While I drink it down, I work on my Brit Lit class.

2:18pm. When I pick up T1, he tries to steal a toy from his friend. This is an everyday occurrence, but when I politely ask him to give it back he immediately does so.

2:21 pm. Back at the apartment he finds an electronic device to play with. No surprise there.

2:23 pm. I attack the pile of laundry. I can’t remember when I went down to collect it. Maybe while T1 was at the babysitter’s place?

2:48 pm. My caped crusader (he wants to have that blanket tied around him like that all the time) comes in to help me by jumping on my just-folded piles.

3:11 pm. While I finish putting the laundry away, his eyes droop lower and lower as he plays on the iPad.

3:32 pm. I make myself a salad while he naps. I work on my Brit Lit class some more.

5:47 pm. He is awake, and we go down to the resident office to turn something in. I’m impressed with the direction they are taking the remodeling. On the left you can see one side of the hallway, and on the right you can see the other side (the old version).

6:00 pm. He eats dinner. T1 is unhappy with how quickly I am responding to his demands for milk. (See the sippy cup in the foreground? It’s water and he doesn’t want that.)

6:39 pm. I round all of the necessary items up, and we head out for a trip to the park and the grocery store. I try to get out for a daily evening walk when the weather warms up.


7:05 pm. We stop at the park and play on the swings.

7:26 pm. He is tired of riding, and wants to be the one pushing now.

7:53 pm. We come out of the grocery store with carrots and frozen fruit and milk for my daily morning smoothie.

8:20 pm. Time for a bath.

8:39 pm. While dad watches him splash away, I attack the dishes in the sink. Thank goodness we have a dishwasher.

8:55 pm. There go those droopy eyes again. We get him dressed, turn on the white noise, sing “twinkle twinkle” and put him in bed. I play on my computer until it’s bedtime for me as well.

DITL: Christmas 2011 Edition

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This Christmas, for whatever reason, I spent a little bit of time mourning the changes that have happened in our family over time. When I was growing up, all of my parent’s siblings in either side came home for Christmas (or lived close enough to just drive over) and we would have 10+ cousins of varying ages running around, playing games, watching movies, and ripping presents open. Now that we’re older everyone is spreading out and most are spending Christmas with their own immediate families, and so this year T1 was the only young child there on both days. Normally I love change, but these Christmas memories are so special to me, and I naively wanted my own children to have the exact same experiences that I did.

Of course that’s not how it will happen, and you know what? That’s okay. My dad called me a few days after we returned to Chicago and he said it was the best Christmas he could remember. I agreed! Our holidays don’t have to be the exact same year to year to be meaningful and special.

So this is what Christmas looks like for us in 2011. Next year we might be in Utah again, so it will look completely different. The year after that? Who knows.  You can see Christmas 2010 here, Christmas 2009 here, and Christmas 208 in several parts, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I woke up on Christmas Eve this year with a sore throat and the beginning of a hacking cough that lasted through the holidays.

T1 ate peanut butter and jam waffles with bananas for breakfast.

And then we took a shower together. Showering with him is such a wonderful experience, I’ll be so sad when he outgrows it.

I got dressed and ready for the day, doing my hair in one of my favorite hairstyles, the Gibson Tuck. I wanted to do full hair and makeup because I knew lots of pictures would be taken (guess what, my mom and sister, both photographers, had the same thought!)

T1 had his hair done as well, by my mom (no makeup for him though).

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DITL: Conference Weekend Edition

I”m really excited about the idea I had to document Christmas Eve/Christmas Day in a Day In The Life series, and I hope others will join me! Think of it as a way to preserve one very special day in a way you haven’t done before. In our family Christmas changes just a little bit each year, as children are born and leave, relationships build and deteriorate. I want T1 to have an example of what it was like in Washington when he was young.

Previously DITL posts can be found for days when T1 was two months, eights months, a random day in May, a Sunday with my parents in Washington. This DITL I’m going to show you is actually two days, as I thought it would be fun to document what General Conference weekend is like. I normally add in times with my photos, but I’m writing this from Washington and don’t have access to my Lightroom catalog to make that happen.

I woke up early (for me) on Saturday in order to visit the farmer’s market before the first session of conference.

I got back just before the session started and was greeted by this face. Dad got him out of bed, gave him a bottle, and changed his diaper.

As soon as I wlked in the door he rummaged through my bags to find something to eat, settling on an Asian pear. He plopped down on the ground to play his favorite iPad game, Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I unloaded my haul while listening to the first session of conference. Our internet isn’t fast enough to stream the video, so we just listen to the audio. I like doing mindless tasks while I’m listening, because sitting on the couch staring off into space inevitably leads to me daydreaming about all the things I’m going to do once the session is over.

T1 got hungry and so I made kale chips and warmed up soup leftovers.

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(Sun)Day In The Life: July 10, 2011

I had a feeling you guys would vote for a Sunday for this next one! I know you’re curious to see what a typical Sunday is like, as I’ve mentioned that we try to remove ourselves from the outside world a little bit each Sabbath day. I’d say this day is a pretty typical representation of a Sunday for me, minus the trips to visit relatives since we don’t live near family.

7:30 am

Wake up with my three sleeping essentials next to me. Phone with white noise app running, Puckers the pig (yep, I still sleep with a stuffed animal every night!), and my sleep mask.

I don’t do this on morning when I’m running late, but I always love to have the bed made.

8:00 am

Shower and blow-dry hair

8:50 am

The best part about living with my parents? They get as much out of helping with the baby (spend time with him) as I do (get to focus on the things I want/need to do). I don’t see him until this point in the morning, 10 minutes before it’s time to leave for church. I’m running late!

9:00 am

My dad makes T1 an egg and we feed it to him on the way/during church. We’re late. Bad, bad, bad.

9:00am-10:10 am

We have the first hour of church in the chapel. This meeting is called sacrament meeting. This particular day was a mission farewell and I really enjoyed listening to the girl only days away from leaving on her mission. She is filled with so much hope!

10:10am-11:00 am

Nursery is where the youngest kids go, and technically T1 isn’t allowed in yet (not until 18 months) but the teachers don’t mind if he is in there as long as a parent stays with him. This week it was TH’s turn to play in the nursery with him.

Kids between the ages of 3-12 go to primary (see on the left), teenagers and adults get divided up into different classes based on ages/needs. There are classes for each age group in the teenage years, and classes for the adults based on different topics or if they are new to the church. The man sitting facing the crowd is my dad! He’s the teacher and does a really phenomenal job, I love sitting in on his classes. The week this picture was taken we were learning about the Garden of Gethsemane.


During the third hour the nursery and primary children stay in the same place, the teenagers divide up into classes for boys and girls, and the adults 18+ divide up into classes for men and women. The Spanish congregation sisters (there is a congregation that meets the same time we do in the same building that speaks exclusively Spanish) meet with us women for the first few minutes of this third hour, then they leave and the lesson begins (they have their own lesson in Spanish). In Relief Society the week this picture was taken we were learning about goal setting and talking about different ways to meet our goals. I had T1 with me and usually it’s difficult to get something out of the lesson, but I had some helpers sitting in my row who were willing to entertain him.

12:15 pm

I hurry everyone home from church so we can get T1 to bed. He is exhausted. I prepare a bottle, we change his diaper, and he goes to sleep (right now he sleeps in the photography closet (which is actually a converted bathroom so he of course feels right at home)).

12:45 pm

Lunch preparation begins. My contribution is a bowl of kale chips that no one except me ends up eating.

1:15 pm

We dine on a carne asada style feast.

I laughed at TH’s color-coded precision when it came to arranging his food on the tortillas.

I never buy avocados anymore, so I loaded up on the fresh guacamole.


Just as we were finishing up, T1 woke up.

2:25 pm

And though I probably didn’t need a Sunday nap, I took one anyway. It’s a ritual for me.

4:50 pm

After I woke up we decided to drive out to see my grandparent’s, who live about 30 minutes away from my parents.

T1 had some fun playing with the same keyboard I danced around with when I was a little girl!

I talked with my grandma about family history. I’m going to start posting family history stories on That Wife and I’m really excited about it! She has an entire room filled with books on genealogy and pictures and letters and such. She even has a binder with my name on it that’s all about me!

6:15 pm

I decided to go pick some strawberries from grandma’s strawberry patch. Then proceeded to eat all of them.

T1 was actually able to reach in, find and pick a strawberry, and eat it all on his own. It was darling.

8:00 pm

We drove back from my grandparents and spent the last few minutes before sunset playing on the slide (same slide I played on as a kid of course).

8:20 pm

After a full day of running around, T1 is exhausted and we put him to bed. Bed time routine consists of changing his diaper and giving him a bottle. Sometimes we don’t even change his clothes.

8:30 pm

I finish the night out with some time on my ipad. Reading my scriptures, checking the news, pouring over my favorite blog, and turn out the lights at about 10:30 pm when That Husband lets me know it’s time for us to go to bed so we can get a jump start on Monday.