Thousands of Lanterns Floating Over Poland

I’ve got a big day planned for today. I’m trying to break into the high school senior photography market, but I as of yet don’t really have any sessions under my belt. So I offered to do a free session for a girl in the area, if she agreed to do it all on my terms. 🙂 We’re leaving the house at 5:30 am to photograph on a farm with bunting and a Yurt and laundry hanging on the line to dry and an Airstream and chickens and vegetables and a greenhouse and all sorts of other lovely things. Then we are going to come home and rest and recover before going outside for the evening shoot, complete with evening gown and (hopefully) an old house and lots of experimenting with off-camera-flash.

If I don’t want to get overwhelmed by all of that, I need to take a breather and look at something relaxing. This video, one of the most enchanting scenes I’ve ever seen, should do the trick.

11,000 Lanterns Floating Over Poland – Watch more Funny Videos

I absolutely must see something like this in person before I die. How can I make this happen?

Mean Stinks (Seriously)

Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point wrote about the Secret deodorant Mean Stinks campaign, aimed at combating bullying by encouraging girls to “be nice behind someone’s back”. Caitlin is all about positive energy (have you seen the Operation Beautiful site?) and today on her blog she left me a sweet compliment, then asked her commenters to be nice behind someones back in the comment section of her post.

I loved her thoughtfulness so much I decided to participate as well!

The darling girl you see to the right of me in this photo is Anni of Lincoln Park on A Lark. I love her because of her sweet little blog, her interest in photography, and her fabulous fashion sense (as evidenced in her engagement photos). Oh and she is the kind of vegan that makes me think I could actually do being a vegan without suffering too much!

I’d love to have you help continue Caitlin’s participating in the Mean Stinks movement*. Play along on Facebook, write your own blog post saying something nice about another blogger, or comment below and be nice behind someone’s back!

*Secret didn’t ask me to write any of this. They have no idea who I am. 🙂 I just loved the idea and wanted to spread the happiness that Caitlin tipped my way when she posted about me this morning!

Moment Junkie

Recently in the world of wedding blogging there has been a bit of an uprising from those who are tired of looking at inspirational sites filled with posts that are portraying anything but “real weddings”. Though there are certainly beautiful, detail filled weddings out there, with details that brides have slaved over for hours (I know how hard my Weddingbee gal-pals work!) some of what you are seeing comes from staged shoots, done specifically for building the photographer’s portfolio. I have nothing against those shoots (I’m trying to plan a bridal style one for early Spring in Chicago, email me if you’re interested!), but it can be disheartening for an everyday bride to log on to Style Me Pretty or Ruffled and wonder why their wedding photos don’t match up.

I agree with those who call for more transparency on the wedding inspiration blogs, and that both photographers and bloggers should make it very, very clear when they are posting something that’s staged. When you are hiring someone, you need to know that the images you see in their portfolio are moment caught during the wedding day, because a Wednesday afternoon staged shoot with hand-picked vendors and controlled lighting is completely different than a chaotic Saturday wedding filled with abandoned timelines and difficult lighting situations.

A new wedding inspiration blog that has grown out of the desire for more authentic photojournalistic wedding photography is called moment junkie. It’s run by several stellar wedding photographers, and as a photographer I view it as the best wedding inspiration blog I’ve ever seen. You might not find inspiration for fabulous unique wedding details there, but you will be reminded that the best type of wedding photography captures the moments you might have missed that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life.

Who needs expensive or time-intensive details when you’ve got tears, laughter, mischief, and love caught on film for generations to cherish? This is what wedding photography should really be about.

A Gift from My Favorite Artist

When I met Caroline of Paloma’s Nest in person I told her I loved her. It went something like this:

Somewhat-freaky/stalkerish-Jenna: “You’re the woman behind Paloma’s Nest? I love you!”

Gracious Caroline: “Thank you”

Jenna: “No you don’t understand. I like, LOVE you.”

Caroline: “…”

So when she messaged me asking for my address, letting me know she had a gift for T1, I may have peed my pants a little. Actually I pee my pants a lot these days, but this was a very special pants wetting experience, I assure you.

Isn’t her packaging pure genius?

You can get your own custom baby ornament here!

Thank you Caroline. We’re so lucky to have your friendship to treasure.

Owl iPhone Case

“Where is my owl case honey? I need my owl case!” TH has heard me say this many times, and the case I’m referring to is this one purchased off of Etsy at the time I bought my phone. I purchased it from EvelynX on Etsy, but it looks like you’ll have to ask her to make one custom for you if you think you would like something similar.

Good thing thid photo doesn’t show how dirty it is. It needs a good washing.