This is Why I Pay for A Pro

During our time at business school That Husband won’t be working, and we’re going to have to work really hard at staying under budget if we want to leave business school without any debt (I won’t be going into detail regarding how this is possible, I know it sounds crazy but we have savings and help from outside sources that will get us there). Happily TH has a guaranteed position as a consultant with Company X right after he finishes his MBA program so we won’t have to spend any time job hunting and stressing that a post-MBA position isn’t going to materialize.

As part of this effort to cut back on unnecessary expenses I decided I was going to dye my own hair, instead of going to a salon like I usually do. I realized it was absolutely necessary after TH took this picture and showed me how nasty my roots have become.

Here is what I started with. TH laughed when I told him I wanted to make a serious face for the picture because that’s what you do when you take a before picture.

Look at those bleached ends and dark roots!

After a considerably long time spent in the hair color aisle I decided on Clairol Natual Instincts 24-Clove. I kind of wish I had gone with something lighter like 18-Medium Golden Brown but oh well!

The problem isn’t with the shade, as you can see, the problem is that I did an awful job of evenly distributing. I used two boxes, just like everyone on Twitter and Facebook advised, but I think my mistake was twisting it all up on the top of my head and stuffing it into a shower cap for the 10 minutes it was supposed to set.

I don’t think these pictures do it justice either. TH agrees that it looks much worse in real life.

I do like the way the shade makes my eyes pop and I’m going to buy another box and try again. This time though, I’m thinking I will cover my body in vaseline, have wet towels at the ready, apply the stuff and then stand there with my hair dripping dye until it’s time to rinse. If it comes out wonky again, I’m just going to go and get it done somewhere.

Anyone else have a better suggestion for how I can ensure a completely even result?

Living Without the Internet

This onesie fit him for like one day, and then I couldn’t get his head through anymore. I love my bowling ball noggin baby.

I’m curious, do any of you not have the internet at home? Do you know anyone that doesn’t have it?

How do you function? How do you print out maps, find places to eat, figure out the phone number of places you want to call, answer emails, write on your blog (oh wait, there are people who don’t have blogs… crazy!), pay your bills, keep in touch with your friends?

Okay a few of those are obviously possible without the internet, but I’ve gotta say, I am pretty miserable without my constant connection. Spoiled upper class American mentality?* Maybe, but I suspect most of you couldn’t function without it either. Especially since you have to have the internet to read this here post that I”m typing up this very moment. Tonight I was in the conference center of our building and the internet stopped working. I knew it wasn’t just me because I looked around and noticed that everyone else had the same windows box up on their screen indicating that the connection was lost. My eyes teared up and I knew that I only had a few minutes before the dam burst and I embarrassed myself.

I packed up my stuff and headed back upstairs, Jenna Cole photos standing at the ready to be uploaded into this post, and took deep breaths during the elevator ride. TH came out and asked me why I was home early and I’m not exaggerating when I saw that I burst into tears. Sheesh, how over-dramatic can you get, right?  I think I must be riding a menstrual cycle induced hormonal roller coaster because I knew while I was crying that I was being ridiculous but I couldn’t stop. I miss my blogging, I have over 100 emails in my inbox that need to be answered, I have clients waiting to see their photos and hear back from me. I start telling myself that my blog will die, I won’t be able to start advertising, Jenna Cole will fail, because everyone will hate me do to slow response times and constant excuses about not having an internet connection, overall I’m just an emotional mess.

We were able to get things sorted out temporarily (obviously since I’m typing this post) but I’m really looking forward to the day when a fast and reliable connection is mine once again. I might be a bit more productive without it, but if I’m that much more stressed is it really worth it? I’m going to go with no.

Stroller Striding

A few weeks ago I had some library books to return. The library is 1.8 miles away (according to Google) so I figured, why not walk? I strapped T1 into the stroller (don’t worry, he is only propped up like this for the photos, I let him recline for the ride) and went on my merry way. I was so proud of myself for figuring out a way to cross items off my to do list AND exercise at the same time. Plus I think the fresh air and time out of the house is good for both of us so we don’t go crazy and have a melt down.

Unfortunately, I mistook my own bladder strength and didn’t wear an old lady pad like I should have. 1 mile in ON THE WAY TO THE LIBRARY, I lost control and peed my pants. There was no drippage down the leg, but I was very grateful to be wearing a tennis skort because I didn’t feel like turning around and going back and the skirt kept all of the drivers whizzing by from seeing how soaked my spandex underneath were.

If you’ve never peed your pants and then walked close to 3 miles afterward I’ll just tell you that it’s an experience that stay with you for days, because the pee on your legs combined with chubby thighs creates a nice rash that burns whenever you take a step. It’s probably something akin to what diaper rash feels like? No wonder this little guy screams when he has a wet diaper.

P.S.-I kind of want a jogging stroller. Who knew it would be so hard to exercise with this little guy in my life? If I really want to get it done, I’ve got to take him with me!

On My Mind Lately

Why oh why did I spend so much time as a kid wanting to “grow up”? I’d be pretty happy to have my biggest worries whether my crush liked me or how to avoid unloading the dishwasher for another night. Instead I’m spending my time trying to figure out how to handle my decrepit car and how to best help those who have been absolutely devastated by the events in Haiti.

Abbie Cabbie

This is my car, or at least, one that looks just like it. Last month I poured $900 into her in an attempt to fix the brakes (I take responsibility for waiting too long to get the brakes fixed which cost me extra money, but it still would have cost me something to replace them), and now I’m told that the clutch is wasted and could cost something like $1200 to fix. Unfortunately this little car of mine is now only worth $3000-$4000, and so pouring another thousand dollars into it might not be the best choice.

Things to consider:

A. The cars worth and the amount of money that we would need to pour into repairs. The clutch needs to be replaced, the windows don’t roll up and down, the cruise control doesn’t work, and the air conditioning is rather weak. The scratches over the back left tire could probably use a paint job as well.

B. We don’t want the baby traveling in this car, so once That 1 comes Abbie will belong to That Husband (something he is not very excited about). We would prefer to have two cars that we feel comfortable transporting our child in.

C. We’re hoping to move away to business school this Fall. We might move somewhere where only one car is necessary. We might need two.

D. We do, indeed, need two cars here in Texas. Public transportation isn’t an option where we are, and That Husband doesn’t have the kind of job that allows him to carpool back and forth to work. I can’t run a photography business (even part time) without a vehicle to transport me to shoots, consults, etc.

Should we sell the car as is? Fix her up and sell her immediately? Fix her up and keep her until we move to business school this Fall?


Heartbreaking, devastating, tragic on incomprehensible levels. Where have you donated? We’ve been doing our research and talked about several different options but we want to make sure our money is used as effectively as possible. I think That Husband has already taken care of our donation but I was thinking that it might be possible that there are others who feel unsure how they can be the most effective. Please leave your suggestions (with links if possible!) with ways you have donated and where in the hope it will help others make up their mind if they are wavering.

On a bit of a lighter note, I cried as we walked into Avatar tonight. That Husband had said it was really important to get there early and get good seats, but it took me much too long to get out the door and we walked in just in time to grab two seats together in the second row. He started saying he would rather sit separately in sections farther back and I burst into tears feeling like I had ruined the date we had been looking forward to for weeks. Guess those crazy pregnancy hormones are finally kicking in for me!

P.S.-I loved the movie but cried and cried as I watched them destroy the indigenous people. What are some other movies that deal with the topic of destructive colonization in this way?