Cockroach Encounter

I had my first ever cockroach encounter last weekend.


Husband stomped it into a t-shirt for me, although he left the “dead” cockroach and t-shirt lying on the laundry room floor, giving me the chance to open the laundry room door and scream as I watched a zombie cockroach limp its way toward me. It’s gone now. For good. I just hope I’m not seeing any cousins anytime soon.

Tell me about your disgusting cockroach experiences. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Food Budgeting

Without a doubt the most difficult part of being married so far has been developing a married budget, and the area we struggle with the most is groceries. I’m often left feeling guilty because I am the one who does all the grocery shopping and I can’t seem to stay within budget. I get frustrated with myself in this area really easily because I’m terrible with money and it was only after I became good friends with That Husband that I was finally able to get out of debt (he was right there, coaching me along at every step).

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Here are our food budget limits:

Groceries (defined as all food related purchases other than eating out): $250

Eating Out (only logged when we eat out together each month): $100

We’ve been married for 4 months and I’ve only eaten out one time without That Husband, and when I log that I just put it under my own “personal category”. TH obviously eats out a lot for work since he is traveling, but the majority of the time the company pays for that.

I was using the excuse that we need to build up a base of supplies for a few months, but I think we are to the point where that doesn’t apply anymore. I know we could save more by eating the same thing every week (the way some families have Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday), or if I cooked/baked less just for fun, but as I say to TH, I don’t want to live my life like that. I enjoy being in the kitchen, cooking and expirementing and I don’t think we should have to eat only beans and rice in our current financial state.

What are your food budgeting secrets? Where do you splurge and where do you save?

That Junk

Spent 5 hours creating 30 Craigslist and 2 listings. It’s not quite Spring, but I’ve caught the decluttering bug.


I already have several sales lined up. Whatever doesn’t get picked up/shipped will be sent to salvation army and I will finally be able to spend some time creating a little creative corner for myself in the office. I’d like to sew some bright and fun throw pillow for our bed. First step for accomplishing that task will be taking the sewing machine out of the box.

Ant War II

Definitely NOT over.

I opened up the food cupboard today to find this…

ants in cupboard

After I cleared out everything from the bottom two shelves I found this…

ants in the cupboard

You’re getting a post about Cheesecake Enchiladas tomorrow since I’m making them tonight to celebrate my victory in the battle. Unfortunately, I don’t think this means I have won the war. They’re here somewhere still. I can smell them.

Not Quite That Hostess

Yesterday I attempted to play hostess for the first time and it was kind of a bust. That Husband was wonderful and tidied up the house while I felt all frazzled and crazy in the kitchen.

First of all, I made the worst mashed potatoes ever. Who even knew it was possible to screw up mashed poatatoes? One time my best friend in high school was unable to make chili from a can, and I believe this situation isn’t much better. First, I think I thought I bought red potatoes, when I really bought some other kind. I’ve never seen red potatoes that were yellow inside have you? Then I saw mentioned online somewhere that someone cooked their potatoes inside of the slow cooker. Genius right? I could dump them in, take my nap, wake up and mash away. Maybe they were just underdone, but they were awful. Of course my guests were very nice about it, the poor things.

I also thought I could make this lasagna:

If you read the recipe, you will come to a part that describes making a milk sauce mixture. This is where I failed, and failed horribly. The mixture was so terrible I couldn’t even use it, I just threw it out. I’m not sure where I went wrong, but mine was lumpy and thick and pasty. I also made the mistake of throwing in some soy crumbles because That Husband insisted it would be rude of me to serve a meatless dinner. Well it was rude of him to trick me into ruining the dish that way. The butternut squash was amazing, definitely the best part of the dish. Without the milky mixture I had to make my own cheesy sauce mix to lay on top to keep it from being a dry crusty mess (which it kind of was anyway). Overall, it was not my best work.

The saving grace of dinner was the asparagus I recycled from my last post and the cheesecake enchiladas I invented. I don’t have picture of the enchiladas yet, so I guess I will have to make one for myself tomorrow night even though That Husband will be out of town on business. Darn.

Please go ahead and tell me your stories of failed hostessing experiences.