One Quick Take

Portra 800, Pentax 645

It was a happy happy scan day yesterday, the kind that helps me see how far I’ve come as a photographer. This shot is T1 with his best friend at their preschool graduation from ABC Magic Moments in Fremont, California.

Want to really see how much my skills grew in a year? Here’s the shot I did with T1 and his friends the year before at their graduation ceremony. Continue reading

One Quick Take


Ilford 3200, Canon EOS3, theFINDlab, freelensed.

I’ve been experimenting with freelensing on film lately. 95% of my shots taken using this method go straight into the trash, but then there are another 4% that are cool and interesting and close enough that I want to see what else I can do. And then there are the winners, of which there was one on this roll, but it was from second shooting a wedding and I’m not allowed to share my images until at least six weeks after the event. So you get this topsy-turvy shot of T2 instead as I muse about this hobby of mine.

Also topsy-turvy is our house and our life. I like change, but I also like organization/order, so now that the house is halfway unpacked I’m feeling pretty good overall. Next we’ll be in Europe and I’ll be feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. Then a month devoted to coding because I’ll either be accepted to Hackbright, or prepping myself for a third attempt at getting in. Past that I don’t know much about what life is going to look like. We’ll live in this great rental house with a giant oak tree shading the front yard, T1 will start kindergarten, and we’ll keep on really liking each other. I’m a bit anxious to know more things about what the future holds, but otherwise I’m feeling grateful and happy.

(Film from my birthday party comes back on Friday! That’s another thing I’m feeling happy about. Really, really, REALLY happy.)

One Quick Take

San Francisco’s Baker Beach. Acros 100. Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Our family photographer for 2014 not only delivered images of our faces and happiness and love that set a new standard for what I want out of family photos, but in that set she included a few shots of the beach where we did the session. I love them! So I’m trying to do the same for my Jenna Cole clients this year. It doesn’t always work, based on the light and the setting and such, but when it does I think it’s really special. And it illustrates why the work of a professional still manages to outdo the capacity of an iPhone 6.

This shot is a happy mistake. I think I didn’t wind the roll enough before I started shooting, but I love the combination of the tape on the left edge and the branches at the top. Shooting film has helped me embrace the title of Arist without feeling like a fraud.

One Quick Take

T1 day Santa Cruz

Photo credit to Denise Andersen (Nana) for this darling shot of T1 celebrating T1 Day 2015 at the Boardwalk of Santa Cruz. He really enjoyed picking all of his meals and having access to unlimited show and spending the afternoon riding rides with his best friend. He woke up the next morning and told me he wishes it could be T1 Day every day! I told him that’s how I feel about my birthday too.

One Quick Take

My mom is flying in and we’re going to spend the day in San Francisco tomorrow! I can’t get enough of those hilly streets and yummy food. I think we’re going to do a very quintessential SF afternoon with Dolores Park, Bi-Rite, and my first in-person visit to the Painted Ladies.

Kodak Gold 200. Canon AE1.