Poland 2012

September 13, 2012 By: Jenna Category: Poland

I was still pregnancy sick during our trip to Poland this year, so it wasn’t quite what everyone was expecting. My FIL took work off so we could go out and explore the country a bit more, but I only managed to make it out of the house twice in two weeks. Next time I am planning to take Poland by storm!

Our first outing was to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. I’ve actually been to this mine once before, on my first trip to Poland with my mom back in 2008, and I loved it so much I asked if we could go again so I could experience it with That Husband. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, and if you are headed to Poland I think the salt mine is worth it. Our tour guide told jokes that were actually funny (his humor was very dry and I really liked it) and I love the mix of history and folklore told throughout the tour.

My favorite part is the Chapel of Saint Kinga, filled with statues and reliefs and even chandeliers carved entirely out of salt. To read more about the mine and see more pictures click here.

The other day I made it out of the house was for the birthday party of a family friend. We were there for a few hours in the afternoon and I managed to squeeze in two naps. It was ridiculous, but everyone was very nice about it and expressed lots of love and well wishes for the baby. The time when I was awake was spent eating, playing Settlers of Catan (a new obsession of mine), and staring out at this view from the front porch of the cabin where the birthday party was held.

The rest of my time was spent recovering from the incredibly taxing task that is eating and showering (note: sarcasm). T1′s trip wasn’t at all affected by my knocked-up-down-and-out status because he did the same thing he does every time we visit Poland: spent copious amounts of time with Jaja and Babcia, ran around the wonderland that is my FIL and MIL’s backyard, ate a whole lot of sausage, and relaxed in his little green chair watching Polish cartoons.

We didn’t get a single picture of the three of us together. For shame!

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Krakow Cake

May 03, 2012 By: Jenna Category: Cooking

Every time we’ve visited Poland we have been treated to one of my favorite desserts (anywhere), a cake my husband’s family refers to as Krakow Cake. It’s a recipe developed a world away from anything we know now, with the absence of overpowering sweetness that we’ve come to expect in American desserts. After a big meal this moist and slightly tart (depending on the jam you use) cake can really hit the spot.

When we’re in Poland I can be found eating this cake several times a day. I admit it’s one of my favorite breakfast items. We can call it a breakfast pastry, right?

A big thank you to That Husband’s family for allowing me to share this recipe with all of you. If you try it I know they would love it if you would come back and share your thoughts with them in the comment section below. Read more →

Poland 2011

May 02, 2012 By: Jenna Category: Travel

Look at how much T1 has grown in 6 months time! We were in Poland in September of 2011 and I’m writing this post in May of 2012. Prompt recaps just really aren’t my thing, you know? This is a little taste of the happiness we found in That Husband’s hometown.

My in-laws have a gorgeous backyard filled with trees and bushes that were bursting with fruit when we were there. Pears, berries, apples. We missed the mini kiwis by only a few days!

T1′s grandparents on both sides spoil him shamelessly. On this visit to Poland he found a special chair in the kitchen where he could sit and drink his milk while watching Teletubbies (in Polish of course).

A favorite from the trip!

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Italy Panoramas

September 23, 2011 By: Jenna Category: Photography, Travel

I’m still only like halfway through all of my photos, but some of the first edits I did was putting together the panoramas I made using the Brenizer method* (see some really phenomenal examples of what this method can do for portraits here). It’s so fun to see the end product after Photoshop stitches all of the photos together! I thought you might enjoy seeing the first photo for each panorama, as it gives you a small idea of the actual scale of the view from where I was standing. I can’t show you all of the photos that make up the image (sometimes I take like 50 pictures and have Photoshop stitch them all together into one!) but I will show you the very first one I took. Unless otherwise noted, these were all taken with my 50mm 1.2*.

If you’d like to see one of my all-time favorite Jenna Cole photos, taken using the Brenizer method, click here!

I took this one in my in-law’s backyard. I wanted to try to convey how lush and green it is back there, full of fruit that was perfectly in season when we arrived this year!  (I need to build in the sky on the left side if I’m going to do anything with it, I for some reason didn’t take any pictures of that area).

The first shot in the series.

My favorite panorama. This is the dome of Florence, taken from the tower that sits next door, and as you can see from the original photo below, we were much closer than you realize when you look at the panorama.

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Polish Wedding Traditions Video

May 03, 2011 By: Jenna Category: Travel, Video

Only one more post on Europe 2010 after this one! We leave for Europe once again 4 months from now so it won’t be long before I’m recapping once again. :)

I took several Folklore classes in college, which I loved, and it sparked an interest in traditions and customs in different cultures and regions. I wanted to put together a video from the wedding that shows some of the unique traditions that Polish weddings have, but I was restricted a bit by the groom who insisted that his face not be shown online. Some tricky editing helped cut him out or focus on other areas when he showed up in the frame, but there are definitely clips from the video below that are much more beautiful when they aren’t cropped in. The video is also quite long, but it was hard to eliminate things! I’ve placed subtitles throughout that help explain what is going on, but do keep in mind that these explanations come from my experience (remember I don’t speak Polish!) and may not be the full story.


Polish Wedding Traditions from Jenna on Vimeo.

If you are Polish and have some experience with Polish weddings I’d love to hear your comments below!

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