Style Files: Black Dress, Gray Tights

Wearing this dress is so fun because I always get compliments on it. I love that feeling! Thanks mom for getting it for me, and thanks kind friends who say nice things to me (something I’m always trying to work on). I think maybe this combination would have worked better with higher heels? It’s hard for me to find higher heels that I can wear due to my fat feet and high arches. Being on carpet and having my feet sink down into the floor doesn’t help things either. Or maybe black dress with gray tights is never okay?

Dress: Nordstrom rack
Tights: Poland
Belt: Poland
Shoes: Poland
Necklace: Poland

As you probably guessed, I like to do a lot of shopping when we visit Poland.

Mini Style Files: The Hip Farmer

I’m currently debating back and forth between cutting his hair shorter for our family photos, and spiking it up like you see here, or leaving it longer like it is now and sweeping the front off to the side. (Similar to what you can see here.)

Shirt: Baby Gap (the onesie dress shirt kind that button at the crotch)
Pants: Carter’s (from a set purchased at Costco)

I think I like longer and swept off to the side better.

Style Files: Silk and Brown

I spotted this dress at Encore, the thrift store across from my apartment in Hyde Park (if you’re in the area, you really must go!) and bought it without trying it on, sure that it would be something I wear constantly. Unfortunately the unique neckline has me feeling a little stumped (other than putting a cardigan or bolero of some type over it). I remember that I had a shirt stuffed in the back of my closet, a thrifted silky top that I didn’t feel I’d ever be able to wear (it is loose and flowy and has this strangely high neckline). I’m pretty happy with the way the two pieces suit each other!

Shirt: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Purchased in Poland
Shoes: My wedding shoes
Earrings: Christmas gift from That Sister

Mini Style Files: Blue Vested Little Man

Someone on Formspring suggested I do some posts on my favorite outfits for T1. I love this idea! He has a few in particular that are so cute, and it’s a nice way for me to say thank you to family members who send such nice presents our way. Almost everything I buy him is either thrifted or from Costco, but I’ve been able to put him in some outfits that have me thinking he’d have a good shot at getting a role as a Baby Gap model. But doesn’t every parent think that?

Vest: Nordstrom brand (the slimmest-fit baby dress shirt I’ve ever seen!)
Vest: United Colors of Benetton
Pants: United Colors of Benetton
Socks: Gift from Polish relatives
Shoes: Baby Gap

Remember when I guest posted on These Little Moments about kissing your kids on the lips? I’m still doing it, and loving it. I say “kiss” and he puckers right up and sometimes laughs and tries to do it again and again.

Style Files: Belted Tan

Guess what? My husband is currently sweating it out in our air-conditioning-free apartment in the 80 degree weather, and I’m typing in my mom’s office in Washington where there is snow on the ground! I flew home to Washington this week, something which I didn’t mention on the internets because it was a surprise for my mom (she had surgery on her snapped achilles tendon a few weeks ago and has been sitting with her foot above her heart for weeks now). I’ll be here until the middle of next week.

I’d like to write a post about something else, something substantial, but I’ve been hopping around visiting grandparents and relatives and so another fluff fashion post will have to do for now.

Dress: Gap
Sweater: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Purchased in Poland
Shoes: Nordstrom (I’m not at home and can’t remember the brand right now)

I am in love with this outfit, and hope I can wear it a few more times when I get back to Chicago, before the weather warms up for good. Most of the time, I get dressed and think I look pretty good, and take pictures for my style files post. Then, a few weeks later I finally get around to editing them, and I look at the photos again and think my fashion choices were pretty awful. That’s not the case with this outfit though, which means I must be making some progress.

I’ve been experimenting with serious faces in my self portraits. I know this makes me look a bit pretentious, and that I’m not very good at it, but I’m only going to get better if I practice, you know? Sometimes I get tired of smiling and doing the same pose over and over.