Podcast You Should Be Listening To: Throwing Shade

After listening to 41 episodes in less than a month, I think it’s time to write up Throwing Shade as a podcast you should be listening to. First, you should know that this is definitely content that would be rated R if it was being evaluated by the MPAA. Second, you should know that there have been several instances where I laughed so hard at the banter between Erin and Bryan that I folded in half on the back extension machine at the gym and wasn’t able to stand up straight again. Or today, giggling so much that I started to think I might need to pull over for my safety and the well-being of the other drivers sharing the road with me.

Throwing Shade Podcast


Maybe you’re like I was last month and don’t know what throwing shade means. Who can keep up with whatever lingo the kids are using of late? Stuff Mom Never Told You sums up the development of the phrase very well, but this quote referenced by Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak is the best concise description I’ve seen: “Shade is, ‘I don’t tell you you’re ugly, but I don’t have to tell you because you know you’re ugly.’ And that’s shade.

Erin describes herself as a Feminasty and Bryan has declared himself to be Homosensual and they are constantly playing off of each other as they discuss current news related to feminism and homosexuality. Sometimes she loves gays, sometimes she can’t stop talking about butts, sometimes he pretends that he agrees with whatever ridiculous anti-feminist arguments/news the mass media is currently reporting. Even their ads are hilarious! It’s the best improv I’ve ever heard.  Continue reading

Wardrobe Packing Tip

I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the most stressful parts of getting ready for a vacation is figuring out what to wear, and how to fit it all in my suitcase. I always, always, end up feeling like I hate everything I packed, and it’s impossible to remember what shirts I brought and how I can pair everything together into a moderately fashionable ensemble.

This time I had an idea. I would figure out what I wanted to wear by actually dressing up in the outfits. (If I was really ambitious I would have paired jewelry with everything but shoes+clothes was enough brainpower the night before we left.) I’d use my iphone to take a picture of the the outfit, and then I would save those photos on my phone as a sort of reference guide each morning whenI was getting dressed. You know that scene on Clueless when she wakes up and has the computer match up her outfit for her? Coolest closet ever! My system worked like a DIY version of that. 🙂

Here are all of the iphone photos. Doing this also ensured that I had shoes to match AND, very importantly, that I had all of the undershirts/other accessories that I would need.


And now you can see how it all came together. We were gone for about 20 days, and I ended up with only 13 outfit pictures (thank you TH for being patient enough to take all of them!) so there are a few pieces above that I utilized but must not have asked for a picture in. Getting dressed each morning was so much easier than it normally is on vacation, if I felt a bit stumped I’d reach for my iphone and flip through the photos above to figure out what made the most sense based on the planned activities for the day. 

We did some shopping in Florence where I was able to pick up some lighter clothes – I hadn’t packed for the very warm weather found in Italy in early September! My wardrobe was perfect for Poland, too warm for Italy.

Oh, and my pretty green bag? It’s by Jenny N. I love it so much, and had a friend help me add a padded camera insert so I could use it as a camera bag throughout the trip. I like it so much better than the Kelly Moore.

Also some nice commenters pointed out I need a new bra. How did I not notice this before? Bummer. Will work on that soon (I believe this is a product of only having one bra (gross of me I know) and wearing it every single day for the past 6 months, barring the times I work out).

What To Say/Not To Say When Someone is Sick

Going along with my post on trials a few weeks ago, here is an excellent list of phrases to use, and phrases to avoid, when you’d like to reach out to someone in need. Based on recent familial experiences, I can tell you these really stood out to me as being the truth:

To avoid


They already feel like a burden. Listing off their needs only compounds that feeling.


If the person has been ill for awhile, they have probably spent a considerable amount of time researching and hanging out at the office of several different providers. If you do feel like you have to tell them about a miracle solution that worked for your friend or your aunt, offer up the suggestion once and then let it be.

To use


I’ve actually personally experienced how awesome it is to hear this one. Mrs. Corn sent me a lovely package filled with toys for T1, and explicitly wrote that I didn’t have to write her a thank you for the gift. The toys were awesome, we’re still using some of them today, but that little note was the part I appreciated most.


Don’t overstay your welcome. Unless the person is talking non-stop, a shorter visit is better than a longer one.

As you can tell, I have this topic on the brain lately. If you have suggestions that aren’t on the NYT list, I’d love to hear them!


Vacation Planning Tips

I’ve got vacation planning on the brain (we’re leaving in two weeks!) and so I was more than happy to oblige when my friend Anni asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post for her Through My Lens travel series. Click over to read my guest post, where you’ll find my views on some of the best ways to plan a vacation that’s a bit off the beaten path.

And because this post needs a picture… me in front of the Coliseum, auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. (Kidding!*)

*But seriously, that really is me in a wedding dress in front of the Coliseum. You can see more of them here if you’d like.


The Sock Bun

If you follow me on Twitter or Formspring, you may have seen me talking about the sock bun. I am borderline obsessed with this hairstyle. It looks fancy, keeps my hair off my neck in the summer, and allows me to go several days without washing my hair while still looking put together. I learned about it from this video, and I recommend watching it if you’d like to see how it works from start to finish.

If you want to see me acting like a Beauty Department wannabe model, check out my little graphic below.

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