TWLC3 Finale Photos and Winners

We don’t need to get into how badly I failed at this round of TWLC3 (honestly though, I didn’t have much choice due to T2). Luckily there are several women out there who did just the opposite, and I’m really excited to show you where they ended up after 6 months. I also know there are some women who participated in the Facebook

I’m sure some of you are curious if there will be a TWLC4. Heck yes! And likely a TWLC5 as well because I doubt I’ll reach my weight goals after just one round. For now I’m going to keep the Facebook group open and people are free to continue using that as a resource. I’ll post details about TWLC4 sometime around March, after T2 is born and I’ve had a chance to recover.

Now, on to the finale photos!

10.98% lost


12.36% lost

(She’s the winner of TWLC2 and reached her goal weight in TWLC3!)
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TWLC3 – 3 Weeks Left

How did this happen yet again? I let everyone down and didn’t make much progress on TWLC2, and I swore that wouldn’t happen again with TWLC3.

Oh yeah, I stopped losing weight and started gaining. 🙂

But based on the activity in the Facebook group, I know that there are plenty of TWLC3-ers working their tail off to hit their goals by the middle of October. If you haven’t been meeting your goals, there is no reason you can’t make the necessary changes in the next 3 weeks!

Now that I’m feeling better (hooray for the second trimester, it’s a necessary respite) I’m back to exercising regularly and eating something closer to the diet I’ve had for the past two years. I joined a gym and attend group classes after I drop T1 off at preschool, and I’m trying to make it through C25K again. I’m eating a lot more meat than I was 6 months ago, though I am still trying to keep my carb intake low (and when I do indulge in my constant desire for cereal, I want it to have the least amount of sugar possible and be 100% whole grain (I really like this stuff I found in the bulk bin at Whole foods)).

I’m really curious, who’s still participating at this point? I’m really excited to get your before+after pictures, because I know some of you have made really drastic changes!

TWLC3 Week 11

So much has happened in the past week! I started Whole30, gave up about 36 hours later, and am now putting my weight loss efforts on hold until I get through school. I thought I had worked everything out with my advisor, outlining exactly what I was going to do in order to graduate and receiving written confirmation via email that if I went ahead and did exactly those things I could walk in August. When I sat down and talked to her in person however, I was informed that my full schedule of 9 credits wouldn’t be enough and that I’d need to add on an elective course to graduate as planned. The only option that feels acceptable to me is adding on another class this term (versus doing another online class after we move to SF), which I can’t do unless I’m granted an exemption to university policy (as I was informed by several people, taking 12 credits in a term is insane and the policy is in place to protect students from failing miserably). I wrote out a heartfelt and heavy-handed petition telling my story, received a strong recommendation from the advisor, and found a professor willing to let me in to his class late. Today at 4:00 pm I’ll walk over to the registrar’s office and hopefully find out that my petition has been granted. With no family in the area, no job, and my advanced age (for an undergrad) I feel pretty good about my chances.

Because of all of this I’m giving myself a break from as many extraneous responsibilities as possible. Of course I want to feel healthy (I’m going to need the energy for all of those late nights I’m going to have writing papers!), but I need to feel like it’s okay to buy a granola bar and container of milk out of the vending machine on days when I’ve been in the library for 12 hours straight and my packed lunch is depleted. I’m still going to train 3x/week with my personal trainer friend, and I’d like to keep running 2x/week after my half-marathon is over. Hopefully my weight will hold steady over the next 6 weeks, although I acknowledge that late night ice cream runs on the nights before exams are likely and will have some negative consequences.

I have my whole life to lose weight. This chance to finish school in person, sitting in classrooms discussing what we’ve read and what it means, isn’t going to come again for me. I want to give as much of myself to the experience as I can mentally handle.

I’m going to put these posts on hold for the summer. I’ll keep participating in the TWLC Facebook group and I plan to keep up with the Google Doc, awarding the monthly participation prizes as originally planned. The money the entrants pledged is sitting safely in my Paypal account, and no matter what happens with me there will be some happy (and slim and strong) winners when this is all over.

Time to dash to class. Thanks so much for the support that’s been sent my way thus far.

TWLC3 Week 10

Good morning! I’m typing this from my new apartment (I think you’d call it a MIL apartment attached to a house where 5 other girls live) after a 2 mile run this morning. It’s a good thing that I have a few more weeks before my half marathon because I am definitely going to need to spend some time training in this new elevation with all of these hills (although I purposely chose a course that is mostly downhill so it shouldn’t be too bad).

I left Chicago last Tuesday morning, spent a few days in Washington, drove to Montana to see a friend on Saturday, and then finished up my drive yesterday, ending up in Provo. Classes start in 2 hours and I desperately need to make a trip to Wal-mart because last night I slept on my bath towels with my kitchen apron acting as a pillowcase (I’m really glad I brought a pillow!) and a fleece blanket from my car as my cover (thought I didn’t need it much because this room is much too hot for my sleeping preferences).

During that time I ate horribly, and I am really feeling the effects of all of the refined carbs and sugars I ate, especially on the drive down. All of that’s in the past though, because I’m starting Whole 30 today! My fridge and cupboards are stocked with exclusively Whole30 approved products, and once I’m done typing this I’m going to go borrow a pot from my new roommates so I can hard boil some eggs for my lunch. I know I’m going to be missing some things a week from now, but early this week will be a celebration as I flush all of my previous poor choices out of my system.

Time to shower and assemble my lunch and make my way up to campus for my first day of class. I’d love to hear how things are going for you!

TWLC2 Finale Photos

It’s taken me a long time to get these pictures put together, in part because the process is a bit of a pain. Now I’m kind of glad it took so long because I think it’s really motivating to see these pictures when we are two month into the progress and losing steam (I’m not the only one going through that right?)

ALL of these ladies are superstars and I hope you will take the time so leave some encouraging comments. 















Leah B



Start: 198.5

End: 140.8

57.7lb lost, 29.07%

The best part about seeing these pictures? I think the results from TWLC3 are going to be EVEN BETTER.