T1′s First Laugh

I mentioned in T1′s 3 Month post that the thing I was most looking forward to next was his first baby giggle, and less than a week later he granted me my wish! As you can tell by my high pitched squeal (read: I hate that part of the video because I sound like a bimbo with my delayed reaction and squeaky voice) I was really excited. All three of us were sitting on our bed together after church, I had been feeding T1 a bottle with him nestled in between my legs, and TH was making “mimicking” noises back at T1 whenever he cooed. I started filming them because I thought the way they were interacting was so cute, and T1 decided to laugh for the very first time while I had the camera trained on him. It’s probably the only first moment of any kind that I will ever capture with a video camera running, but now I’ll be filming him a lot more often in hopes I can capture a few others!

Those who have been hoping for some video of the elusive TH will get to hear him say 21 whole words. He only agreed to let me put him online in video form because T1 is ridiculously cute in this video and because he knows I’m really excited about this video. Please go ahead and comment below as many times as you would like telling him that he doesn’t look nerdy in any way shape or form, and that he should in fact, agree to let me put video of him up more often.

T1′s First Laugh from Jenna on Vimeo.

For those who can’t watch the video I give you… Chippendale T1, courtesy of Kelli Nicole. She babysat for me last week when I was in Houston, and when Kelli babysits I get a few hundred new photos of my son on my hard drive. :) We love you Kelli! Some babies look good with the diaper/tie combo. T1′s big head just makes him look ridiculous.

T1′s First Swim

I took him out for his first swim this week. I liked it and I think he might have as well, but it was WAY too much work to go through for a child who provides such a non-reaction to being immersed in chlorinated water. The process went something like this:

1. Catch him between naps
2. Feed him
3. Change him
4. Dress him
5. Dress myself
6. Gather up phone, camera, towel, baby, keys
7. Walk to pool
8. Swim for 10 minutes
9. Baby starts crying
10. Walk home
11. Bathe baby
12. Shower
13. Dress both of us again

All of that work for 10 minutes of swimming? No thank you! Maybe if the playgroup gets together at the pool we’ll go again. Next summer we’ll be all over the pool though.

First Swim from Jenna on Vimeo.
I’m trying to make more videos. The family in Poland loves them so much!

My Childhood Home

Waiting until I finish reading and commenting on all of your blogs before I post again just isn’t going to work any longer. I’m only 3/4 of the way through the first post!  I’m going to start posting again and work my way slowly through your blogs over time until I finish. I also tried to reply to the comments without blog links attached but that post is really messed up and I just had to let it go. Please know that I read through them all and I really did try to answer all of you!

I know that there are some of you out there who dislike how one-sided your relationship with me and my blog is (ditto for other bloggers with audiences about my size). I hope this little experience of mine will help you see why it is absolutely impossible for me to keep up with everyone personally who comments. I’ve been working on visiting and commenting on just one post on each blog for over two weeks now, putting in many hours over that time period, and I still have a long ways to go. One-sided is just the way it has to be.

Also I remember how much I hate those word verification things. I had to enter them in like 200 times while visiting all of your blogs, and I wouldn’t have finished my comment on most of them if I hadn’t promised I would do so in my blog.

You know what your comments on my Mission Blogcation Accomplished psots taught me? We all have SO much in common. I like to ride my bike, you like to ride your bike. I grew up on a farm and so did some of you. I think my baby is super cute and so do a lot of you. A lot of us like Weddingbee (so many of you used to read me when I was Mrs. Avocado!). And I really liked hearing so many LDS readers say hello!

Someone on Formspring asked if I would be willing to take some photos of my childhood home and I decided to make a video instead. The quality isn’t that great, it’s long, and when the song stops and I start talking there is a lot of wind, but I think for those who are interested in seeing what my parent’s house is really like it’s a nice little peek into my past. As you will see Central Washington looks NOTHING like Seattle! The weather is completely different as well. :)

My Childhood Home from Jenna on Vimeo.