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My name is Jenna and I used to think I knew a lot about a lot of things. Now I only feel sure about a few things:

Good and evil are manifest in the way we treat other people. Delicious food brings me great happiness. True integrity is found in recognizing my mistakes and making amends for them. I want to do all the things, but I can’t do everything.  My worth lies in the good things I accomplish and the way I treat other people, not in what I look like. There is life after small children. Finding the light feeds my soul. My opinions change with new information. There are so many dresses, and yet there is so little time for me to wear them all.



The thing I feel most sure about? I wouldn’t want to be doing what I’m doing with anyone else by my side.

That Wife Blog, by Jenna Andersen


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  1. Hello Jenna!
    Congrats on the wedding and the start of your new life together with the husband. I’m a fan from weddingbee and look forward to keeping up with all things Avocado. 🙂



  2. Guilty-I am hoping to walk in April. I need to get my buns in gear and get the wedding stuff finished up so I can start taking classes once again. I am going to take the least exciting class first because I can’t want to dive right back into British literature once again!

    Kristin-How did you end up finding my personal blog?


  3. hi – also a fan from wedding bee. to answer the question you posed to kristin, i know that i found your personal site from a link on your photographer’s site. take care!


  4. I love that quote too!!! I have read several C.S. Lewis books, but that’s the first time I have come across that quote… It’s such a good one!! I’m tempted to stick it in wordle, make it pretty, and slap it on my wall!!


  5. Lindsay-Thanks for stopping by and helping me solve part of the “referral” mystery. I don’t mind people coming over, I just have no idea how they are getting here 🙂

    Ashley-Ohhhh I love that idea. I wish I had an office to put it up in. Guess it will have to invade That Husbands space for awhile until I do.


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