29 Apr

Jenna Cole is Headed to Greece

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Ocean waves breaking

This June my sister is helping me ferry the kids over to Poland to see their grandparents, and while the littles play with Babcia and Dziadek the Asenkin sisters are going to road trip and ferry across Greece! I still can’t believe this is really happening.

The theme of this trip is “Quality time with bff sister while taking as many pictures as possible” and as much as my sister likes to act as my model, I think there would be time for me to direct someone else in front of my lens as well. It’s a long shot, but if you know someone in Greece between June 17-27 2015 would you mind connecting us? Family, couple, individual, or adorable ya-ya. When it comes to film I want to work with anything or anyone. We’re planning to rent a car and road trip from Athens to Thessaloniki (along with some island hopping) so we’re flexible on the location.

And of course, if you’ve been to Greece and have any suggestions/tips, I would love to hear them! We’re slowly piecing together an itinerary that looks something like Crete –> Santorini –> Athens –> Meteora –> Thessaloniki but haven’t booked anything yet so we’re still gathering ideas.

27 Apr

One Quick Take

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I’m slowly working on some more in-depth posts, during the tiniest little pockets of time here and there, and it’s the sort of content that I want to think of as an experience, not a broadcast (haven’t these comment-free posts felt a bit cold and impersonal?).

So let’s give comments on That Wife a try once again! ┬áBe nice. Or, probably more likely, you be you, and I’ll be me. That Wife Blog will forever remain my little corner of the internet where I am reigning Queen of Everything and get to decide what it’s like to be in this space. I’m shooting for a mix of musing, recollecting, and exploring with a dash of oversharing. Just how it should be.



23 Apr

One Quick Take

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Fuji Superia 800. Canon AE-1.

A boy and his birthday cake. He loved his rainbow cake so much that he’s frequently mentioned a desire to have the same cake again next year, but my guess is that once I show them the bevvy of options on Pinterest that he’ll want to try something new.

As I was baking this, I told my mom that I think this is my favorite holiday tradition. Partially because I eat dozens of spoonfuls worth of raw batter and frosting, but mostly because there’s so much joy found in creating a thing that will bring so much joy to the people I love. I haven’t baked a cake for TH in the past, and I didn’t make myself one last year, but I’m going to start doing so from now on.

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17 Apr

One Quick Take

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San Francisco’s Baker Beach. Acros 100. Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

Our family photographer for 2014 not only delivered images of our faces and happiness and love that set a new standard for what I want out of family photos, but in that set she included a few shots of the beach where we did the session. I love them! So I’m trying to do the same for my Jenna Cole clients this year. It doesn’t always work, based on the light and the setting and such, but when it does I think it’s really special. And it illustrates why the work of a professional still manages to outdo the capacity of an iPhone 6.

This shot is a happy mistake. I think I didn’t wind the roll enough before I started shooting, but I love the combination of the tape on the left edge and the branches at the top. Shooting film has helped me embrace the title of Arist without feeling like a fraud.

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04 Apr

A Fortnight from Thirty

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I’m on a plane with T1 and T2, flying up to Washington for Spring Break. It’s just me and the kids, but I’m able to write thanks to the power of Peek-A-Boo Barn and whatever app T1 is using on the Kindle Fire. Some woman at the airport told me, in a somewhat haughty tone, that when her kids were young they used to use books to entertain their children. I say good for her, and also thank goodness I had kids after the word app became a household term.

Last time I checked in here it was to touch base on Hackbright. I didn’t get in for Spring 2015, but I’m working my way toward the Fall class. I’m doing Learn Python the Hard Way, and then How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, and a few courses on one of the many self-study coding websites available now. I’m moving slowly, and feeling very anxious that I don’t get in again, but it helps to talk about it publicly because it stokes my drive to learn so I won’t have to endure another round of telling people that I didn’t get in.

We’re spending the next week with my family, and last night we booked our tickets for Poland! I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get the kids there this year, with TH’s workload the way it is he won’t be able to go, but my sister is able to come along as my travel companion this year and I’m really looking forward to showing her some of my favorite things about Poland. Plus we’ll be working in a kid-free trip to Greece… Read more →

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