27 Jan

Podcast You Should Be Listening To: Throwing Shade

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After listening to 41 episodes in less than a month, I think it’s time to write up Throwing Shade as a podcast you should be listening to. First, you should know that this is definitely content that would be rated R if it was being evaluated by the MPAA. Second, you should know that there have been several instances where I laughed so hard at the banter between Erin and Bryan that I folded in half on the back extension machine at the gym and wasn’t able to stand up straight again. Or today, giggling so much that I started to think I might need to pull over for my safety and the well-being of the other drivers sharing the road with me.

Throwing Shade Podcast


Maybe you’re like I was last month and don’t know what throwing shade means. Who can keep up with whatever lingo the kids are using of late? Stuff Mom Never Told You sums up the development of the phrase very well, but this quote referenced by Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak is the best concise description I’ve seen: “Shade is, ‘I don’t tell you you’re ugly, but I don’t have to tell you because you know you’re ugly.’ And that’s shade.

Erin describes herself as a Feminasty and Bryan has declared himself to be Homosensual and they are constantly playing off of each other as they discuss current news related to feminism and homosexuality. Sometimes she loves gays, sometimes she can’t stop talking about butts, sometimes he pretends that he agrees with whatever ridiculous anti-feminist arguments/news the mass media is currently reporting. Even their ads are hilarious! It’s the best improv I’ve ever heard.  Read more →

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26 Jan

One Quick Take

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Eating sushi in the park after we finished our grocery shopping. Taken awhile ago, before he cut his own hair while watching TV in my bed. He tried to hide the evidence in the garbage, but didn’t think about the evidence seen just above his face. We’re starting to deal with more mischievous and naughty behavior, along with falsehoods, and it’s more difficult to deal with than I anticipated. I try to reflect back often on the Nurtureshock chapter on lying, asking myself “What would Po do?


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20 Jan

One Quick Take

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Contax 645, Portra 800, pushed 1 stop

My sister is here this week! We’re going to go hiking, maybe up to Napa, possibly over to the beach, I’m thinking San Francisco sounds delightful. Whatever we decide on, it will be a vacation from reality for both of us. She’s one of my best friends and I love having her staying in my house with me.

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14 Jan

Scaling Back From a Sprint

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portra 800 contax 645

After a 10-pound weight-gain over Christmas break I’ve been forced to accept that the day I turn thirty is not going to be a day where I present myself to the world as the together, svelte, balanced person I thought I could mold myself into over my 29th year. Why does this arbitrary number hold so much power over me? I’m going to blame Jennifer Garner and her many repetitions of “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving” in 13 Going on 30*.

There will be no transformation by thirty. I can accept that. Now to make a few adjustments in my life, mainly in relation to my diet and exercise program. I had been approaching things as a sprint, feeling like it was possible for me to finish by the magical 30th if i just pushed a little harder each day, and the past few weeks have been about accepting that isn’t going to happen. I need to scale back to something that feels sustainable for the long term. Read more →

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12 Jan

Another Day of Cleaning Up

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I spent most of today making last-minute arrangements, attempting to fill in the gap I created with an error in judgement last month. I was doing the best I could with the information I had at the time, but it’s hard for me to watch the dollar signs accumulate as we (married couple) work to find the right solution.

trash can kihei maui palm trees portra 800

 Mamiya 645 1000s, Portra 800 

Here is a picture I took in Hawaii during our Christmas trip. I don’t usually take pictures of garbage receptacles, and since each film image costs me around $2 I’m certainly not going to fire off a shot on just any trash can. But this one was a nice color, and I wondered what the story was behind that bag of chips on the ground. Did it blow out overnight? Or did someone not care enough to place it all the way in the can? Do people in pretty places put more effort into keeping litter off the ground? There’s a part of me that feels that way, though I think it isn’t right (meaning, I should feel just as motivated in paradise as I do next door to a junk yard.)

The picture above looks like a mistake, with the focus somewhere behind the trash can instead of right on it. The camera I was using is broken in a way that means the focus is unpredictable, but I decided to take a chance on the trash can and see what would come of it. Or maybe it was all my fault and I chose the wrong focus point. I love that camera even with all its imperfections and it’s helped me to appreciate a softness in my images that I wasn’t able to embrace before.

This week I learned that the camera I used for the photo above is best for landscape shots of pretty places. I’ll share some images later that really sing. This week I’m also paying, literally, for a crucial miscalculation. I took a chance when making some plans and now I’m accepting that I misjudged the situation entirely. In these cases I often act as my own castigator, mentally flogging myself for my shortcomings and dwelling on them past the point of doing any good.

If you’re wondering, I picked up the empty chip bag and stuffed it down deep into the garbage after I took the photo so it wouldn’t blow out again. Today I’m going to push past this mistake and move on and learn from it so I’m not experiencing this sort of blowback from my next set of grand plans.

When is the last time you dwelt on something you needed to accept and move past? Tweet with me, @jennacole, or leave your thoughts on the That Wife Facebook page.

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