14 Apr

My Work on Naturebox

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I’ve been focusing on a variety of things lately, some writing, some shooting with Jenna Cole Photography, some blogging. Plus a personal photography project! I plan to share the details for each venture once they are more fully formed.

I’m stopping in today to point you to Naturebox. They’ve gone public with their branding makeover, something I’ve been waiting anxiously for because I provided them with the photos on their careers page! I loved working with this company, and I’m thinking about other ways I can do this kind of editorial work in the future.

Untitled-1I also took this one of the founders, and this one used in the Mashable First 100 series. I love seeing my work pop up across the web!


11 Apr

One Quick Take

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24 Mar

A Little Bit of The Latest

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This is one of those weeks where I open up my calendar and to-do list and feel my heart begin to race as I see how much needs to be done. How do you manage your stress during those time periods? I have a playlist of songs with a fast beat that help me dance around and calm down a little bit. (I’m listening to Daft Punk by Pentatonix as I type this.) Why the escalating stress levels? It’s tax filing season, the time where I curse Jenna Cole and self-employment and wonder why I persist in working for myself (then I file and it’s all over and I love it again).

Also, this Thursday and Friday I’m doing preschool pictures for T1′s preschool. They have two locations, and 120 kids between all of the classes. I’m finalizing my paperwork and plans, and preparing to overdose on coffee so I can bounce around like a maniac for several hours trying to get kids to flash the perfect smile into my camera so their parents will feel they absolutely have to have the shots I present. This past weekend I assembled the backdrop supplement that I invented and I’m really excited about how it’s all going to come together. Here’s a little glimpse into what it’s going to look like, though the actual photos won’t be backlit by the sun, will have a gray backdrop, and won’t have kids with messy faces (I’m hiring someone specifically for messy face and hair patrol!).

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18 Mar

One Quick Take

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“Is this right Brother? We put our hands up over our ears like this?”

She adores her brother and wants to be just like him. Laughs when he laughs. Runs when he runs. Screams when he screams.

14 Mar

A Long-Term Plan for Storing Childhood Art

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My next post at New York Institute of Photography walks you through the process I’ve developed for dealing with the mountains of artwork that T1 brings home from preschool. I love it all, but was starting to feel like it was taking over our house!

use camera dslr store childhood art

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