Baby Acne, Blue Eyes, and Belly Button

A big thank you to all of my guest posters from the past two weeks! It seems like all of you really enjoyed getting to know them as well, and so I’ll keep an eye out for opportunities to do guest posts again in the future. Regular posting (still not sure what regular means for me with a baby, a photo a day plus one or two substantial posts a week, maybe?) will resume on Monday. I hope to start the birth story series (yes, series, once I started writing a novella flowed forth) on Tuesday. Now that all of my guests are going to be out of the house I should have a bit more computer time than I’ve had as of late.

And of course I’m assuming you would like a baby update?

T1 has developed some baby acne as of late, and I can’t deny that I sometimes have the urge to pop the whiteheads. Not to worry though, as I realize that would be a very cruel thing to do to my helpless son (I’ll wait until he is a teenager to pick at his face) and so I shall keep my fingers to myself for now. Baby Center tells me baby acne is common, the cause is unknown, and the best treatment is to do nothing. For now I’ll just have to accept it, and be grateful that I have Photoshop and the magic of the cloning tool if I need it.

I’m enjoying these blue eyes while I have them. Somewhere around the 9 month mark we should know what color they are going to be indefinitely. For now I’ll just stare into those pools of blue as much as I can.

He lost his umbilical cord last week and now his belly button seems to be attempting to decide whether it wants to be an innie or an outie.

Have a great weekend everyone!

21 thoughts on “Baby Acne, Blue Eyes, and Belly Button

  1. Our dr. says it’s very common around 2 weeks old to get baby acne. Although there is no known reason, ONe theory I tend to believe in is that by 2 weeks, the mother’s hormones are leaving the baby’s body and cause a ‘break out’. no fear it will clear up in a few days! :)

  2. It’s not that bad. Barely looks like acne to me, more like just little red spots.
    Eyes wise, it’s a pretty dark blue… it does makes one wonder…
    My brother had blue eyes most of his childhood but around age 8 it switched to a lighter green… well if my memory is correct. My mom had blue eyes my dad light brown. So both kids have green eyes… It’s such a “gamble” of genetics.

  3. babies have it so easy… I mean at least I think so. It is about the only time it is not only acceptable but desirable to be fat with rolls on your thighs and arms, sleep for hours on end during the day, have someone spoil you and take care of you and even their acne can be adorable and sweet! Who can say no to a crying baby that is throwing a bit of a tantrum? If I were to do that today I don’t think I’d get the same response from my mom as I did when I was a little kid :) I think his little spots are adorable, especially with such gorgeous dark blue eyes to distract you!

    Jessica Reply:

    I like this comment. :) So true. I know a couple people that must think they are still babies, haha.

  4. So precious! And I’m more than a *little* excited for the birth story series. I know it will be amazing! Snuggle close with your little man!

  5. I just now got finished reading CJane’s birth story – quite the story! I look forward to reading yours now.

    That baby acne stinks, but thank heavens it doesn’t last forever. I just wish I knew how to clone it out in Photoshop. Even with the acne, he’s still the most terribly cute little boy. That face! Love those eyes!

    If you think he’s cute now, just wait until he gets more of that baby chubby fat going…you will die everyday of his cuteness!

  6. He is so stinking cute- and yay for your birth series posting to begin, I’m so excited! I saw your update the other day that you’re feeling all healed up, I’m so glad.

    I’ve used extra virgin olive oil on baby acne before with good results… just in case you can’t keep from picking!! :)

  7. I can’t WAIT for the birth story! We’re not pregnant (wishing and hoping), but I told my husband I was intrigued by giving birth at home. He didn’t like it one bit. So you have to help me convince him!

    I love seeing pictures of your sweet baby. I’m betting on brown eyes.

  8. Aww, he’s so cute! btw, my son has the same type bellybutton – innie on the bottom with a little bump – we’re waiting to see what it grows into.

    The acne thing goes away by about a month old, but if he gets any really persistent bumps, it’s one of the things a little dab of breastmilk will help clear up faster.

  9. So… I am SUCH a PICKER! Cannot help myself! I am afraid I’ll scar our future children for life… literally! He’s adorable, Jenna – temporary spots and all!

  10. The baby acne will go away :) Those blue eyes are definitely easy to just stare into and lose yourself! He is absolutely precious! Randi’s belly button was like that for a bit, luckily hers decided and innie… an outie on a girl is just weird, not so much on a guy though… :)

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    Jenna Reply:

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