TWLC Week 5

Only one post last week? That’s the way I think it might go for the next little while as we gear up for a move across the country and the summer of a lifetime. As of today we have less than 30 days left, and in the next few weeks I need to finish editing my last wedding, shoot and edit three portrait sessions (on my new custom built computer, hoorah!), finish my British Literature online course (only about 1/3 of the way through right now), sell or give away dozens of things, and then pack up and move us to Washington/Utah. And through all of this I’ve got to keep running and lifting and push-upping and watching what I eat so I can continue my weight loss!

We’re starting our 5th week. The fervor is starting to wear off, the initial loss that comes with shocking your system with healthier choices is almost forgotten, and I know from the Facebook group that a lot of people are starting to get frustrated. Unfortunately I think that is a normal part of the process. I’m trying hard to put myself in a mindset that will help me push through. I finally saw the number 155 on the scale again, and I definitely can feel a difference in the way my jeans fit. No more buttoning them up and then stretching them up as high as possible to stuff my muffin top inside.

I’m trying really hard to focus my thoughts on the way I feel, not on what the scale says or how I look. On days where I eat 90% vegetables and very small amounts, I feel awesome. Depending where I am in my menstrual cycle my body seems to need really small amounts of food, and if I overindulge on carbohydrates or fats (cheese mostly) even by a little bit I wake up feeling it down deep in my stomach the next day. I need to keep focusing on how vibrant and alive I feel when I eat and exercise the right way for my body, and not get wrapped up in how slowly I feel like I’m seeing results, otherwise I resort to self-sabotage in some strange attempt at having a pity party for one that does nothing to make me feel better and only sets my progress back yet again.

This week I made my best and worst choices back to back, falling victim to one of my most common mindsets, that making Good Choice X means I can reward myself with Poor Choice Y (I’ve since realized that weight loss doesn’t work that way).

Best nutrition choice of the last week:

Went to book group and the host had set out watermelon, peas, peppers, fresh homemade bread, butter, apples, and caramel dip. I ate the veggies and fruit and successfully avoided the caramel dip and bread/butter. I felt great.

Worst nutrition choice of the last week:

Then I got home and decided I had “earned” the right to eat some bread cheese. I think a little bit would have been okay, but this portion you see here is half the package! I felt sick toward the end (but of course kept eating because it’s delicious and I didn’t want to waste it) and still felt it sitting heavy in my gut the next day.

Bread cheese is a really delicious cheese you can find at Green City Farmer’s Market in Chicago (I’ve seen it in Whole Foods too) that holds it’s shape when grilled/broiled/toasted, becoming crispy on the inside and gooey on the outside. If you can find it, try it. Mmmmmm.

11 thoughts on “TWLC Week 5

  1. sounds like wisconsin cheese curds to me! have you ever had those?

    Jenna Reply:

    I’ve had cheese curds before, but I’ve never tried toasting them. Maybe I would like them better that way?

  2. “No more buttoning them up and then stretching them up as high as possible to stuff my muffin top inside.”

    I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry over that. There was a time in my life when the only thing I tucked into my jeans was a shirt!

  3. Have you ever thought about trying vegan? I started doing it part-time at the beginning of the year (after eating way too much butter over the holidays.) I am by no means 100%, but even doing it part-time I feel like I’ve avoided a lot of cholesterol. just knowing that it’s a vegan day leads me to make different food choices.

    Jenna Reply:

    I have a goal to try eating vegan for a week (which I will either do this summer or next). I think that eating low-carb is the secret for me though, and eliminating all animal products and trying to eat low carb doesn’t sound exciting to me. Trying to do semi-vegetarian-paleo will eliminate dairy while still allowing me eggs and a bit of meat sometimes though.

  4. Bread cheese looks amazing. I want to look for it around here but know if I do, I will go overboard. Cheese is my downfall.

  5. I know this is harder to do in Hyde Park, but do you go for long walks with T1? Since getting Sunday, Ross and I have been much more diligent about long walks (three seasons a year, at least, we’re bad in the winter) and we’ve also started walking to the French Market for fresh produce, etc, every day, which means we get a guaranteed three miles or so every day (round trip) just from that. It’s really nice because we can use that time to talk, it doesn’t feel like exercise, and it’s just all around energizing. I think people don’t give walking enough credit – it may not be enough exercise on its own, but it gets you outside and moving and it just makes me happier all around.

    Jenna Reply:

    I just started walking around outside again in the last month! It’s so nice out now. I’m using the Fitbit to count my steps and I like competing with people and trying to stay in the top spot, so I have to get out every day to get my 10,000 steps in.

    Anni Reply:

    That’s awesome! I’ve been thinking about buying the FitBit, do you recommend it? (Sorry, you’ve probably written about all this on here, I’ve been horrible with keeping cup with blogs lately!)

    Also, have you read the Slate articles on walking? I found them incredibly interesting, and I think you would, too:

    Jenna Reply:

    I’ve had a Fitbit for over a year now, and went through three different cycles. For the first I wore it but didn’t really do much with it (it wasn’t affecting my behavior at all). Then I took it off for awhile. I recently put it back on, and this time I decided to use the social networking features to try to compete with people. This has made a huge difference! I’m getting out and about walking a lot more because I want to be in the number 1 spot. I also like the sleep tracking feature a lot. You can also track your calories and tie that in together so you can see both your approximate output and your input.

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