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As I set out to lose my baby weight, I sat down and wrote out rewards for each 5 lb milestone I hit. One of those rewards was to buy myself a new iPad case, and when I reached that point in my weight loss I did a lot of research and decided to buy Belkin YourType Folio Case with Keyboard. There are some things I dislike about that case, but buying a keyboard for my iPad has revolutionized the way I use it! I can answer emails or finish up posts or comment on blog posts a lot easier now.

The Belkin is great for using the iPad as a hybrid computer, but it’s not everything I would want when I’m just using my iPad as a tablet. When Snugg contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of their iPad cases I was excited because it provided me the opportunity to try out a case specifically built to maximize the features of a tablet.

I picked an iPad 3 case in baby blue leather. The color is beautiful in person (my dad picked it up when he saw it and immediately commented on how much he liked the color), and the PU leather feels nice. I am a little nervous that the material used combined with the color I chose means it’s going to look dirty faster so I would be aware of that when you are deciding which color to order. On the top you can see a little flap of fabric sticking out, that’s to hold a stylus. I do not have a stylus currently, but now that I have a place to store it with my iPad I may look into getting one.


The case has two different upright modes, which is a feature I’ve really enjoyed. If I’m sitting up in bed with my iPad sitting below me, I use it this way. 20130530-IMG_0768
And if I have my iPad sitting on the kitchen counter while I’m cooking I use it this way. Or y’know, when I’m getting ready in the morning and watching the Colbert from the day before so I can pretend like I have some idea regarding what’s going on in the world. 


You flip it into either of these positions by securing the font flap using a tab found on the back.


This is another feature I’m a little worried about with lots of use. Will that flap wear out over time and have a hard time holding the case in the position I’d like? This photo does a good job showing how slim the case is. It’s not meant to protect your iPad if you drop it, but that does happen to me sometimes and I think it will help cushion the fall.


When I opened up this case and saw a stretchy band on the inside of the front cover I at first couldn’t understand how you would use it. I actually googled reviews of the case to understand what other people said! One night I was sitting in bed trying to hold my iPad with one hand and type with the other and I realized that my task would be a lot easier if I had a way to keep things stable. Voila! I slipped my hand in and was able to scroll and peck away with one hand without any trouble.


One thing I like much more about this case than my Belkin one is the way the iPad is held inside with a velcro flap. My iPad slides around inside of my Belkin keyboard case, and when I want to plug it in to charge I have to shove it deeper inside to access the plug. With The Snugg everything stays right where it is supposed to as I use it and as I transport it around.  My favorite feature? When you open the case the iPad turns on, and when you close the case the iPad turns off. It’s a simple thing that I can easily do myself, but I love it. This is a great product that I highly recommend if you’re looking for something that’s not only pretty (look at all of the colors they carry!) but can help you get even more out of your iPad experience.

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  1. I have a case by Bear Motion that is almost identical to the Snugg, except for the hand strap. I have had it for at least a year, with heavy daily use, and haven’t had any problem with the back tab that holds the front cover breaking. It stretches when the iPad has been upright, like in your pictures, but always relaxes back and lays flat. Hopefully you will have the same luck! Yours is a beautiful color! I may have to look at a replacement for my boring black cover!

  2. Holy moly! I’ve had this case for 7months and although I knew it stood the ipad up I didn’t know about the tab to hold it! I also didnt know about the elastic part. I didn’t know what those things were for so I ignored them! Thanks!

  3. Jenna, I review a lot of hardware & the best thing about cases is that you can easily have several to meet different needs as you have discovered. One thing I will advise, if you tend to toss your ipad into your bag or tote, make very sure you don’t have a pen rolling around in the bag, ink is impossible to remove & sticks out like a sore thumb on the pastel colored cases. As far as keyboard cases go, I have a Zagg Profolio in black & adore it.

  4. Maybe having a hand strap would have prevented me from dropping my iPad on my face a couple times in bed… lol

    Jenna Reply:

    Oh, so that isn’t just me? 🙂

  5. I have used so many iPad cases and finally decided to let it be free! I liked the Timbuktu case since it let me prop it upright easily and had a firm rugged outside. Then the Velcro was so loud opening and closing it, it actually woke up my babies! I tried some incase that was flimsy but locked the screen while closing it. It fell apart so quick. We used a Dora activity tray for the iPad for our 23 month old but it’s huge and feels like it will slice fingers up on the plastic rim. I also tried a speck and otter box and they never felt right. Finally after spending as much on cases as we did the iPad I gave up and just let it be free. So far so good but I do think your blue case might be worth a shot 🙂

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